Monday, March 16, 2015

I've Had Better Days

Today was one of those days where it started out "grrrrr," and is ending with "ugh." Patrick took the day off to be with me and my parents. He had to work at Tenino, as they have re-hired him to do the paperwork at the plant till they get someone else to do the job. Of course, I figured last night that I could get a little more sleep this morning. OH, NO, that wasn't going to happen! Patrick's employees started text'ing and woke me up. Just as I get ready to go back to sleep, yet another text comes through. After I got up, there was a phone call shortly there after. Ticked me off. Every time he has a day off, his employees have to contact him out not working or questions on the plant. GRRRRR

After all that was over, we drove out to Tenino for Patrick to get some work done. I sat out in the truck while he worked. I was appliqueing the basket block, so it didn't bother me at all.

I was able to get this done while sitting in the truck and later at the doctors waiting room. After Tenino we went to my folks and then off to Olympia to see what they were going to do with dad. I waited in the waiting room and let Patrick go in with my folks. He will be going in for surgery on the 31st or the 7th. It's a "in and out" type surgery. He stays overnight and if all goes well he can go home. I'm okay with that. I hope dad does okay with it too. It went with the easiest procedure. At his age, that's a good thing anyway.

Last night I was able to get this much done on the block for the Thursday group.

I will work on the embroidery on the one flower, and put another leaf in there. Maybe two.

After the doctors appointment and other detours, we went to Falls Terrace, in Olympia for supper. The prices went up but the food is still good. This is the view from the restaurant. The water was really coming over the falls. Rain has been keeping it going.

I ordered the Shrimp Louie, (took this after I started eating), looked better when it came! lol

As I sit here and type this, I'm sorry to say, a dear friend from Facebook has passed. We got to know each other through two games we played together. I hadn't talked to her in about a week and a half. Today I went into my Facebook account and found a message from her daughter, saying she passed away on the 13th. She would always ask me how I was doing on my quilt, and I would fill her in. Now, it's hard to think someone (Alice Rider) that I became friends with is no longer with us. I remember this time of year about 4 years ago, when a dear friend I went to college with passed away, and put me in shock. She was only 2 years older than me. AND I don't think I'm that OLD!! Alice, my you rest in PEACE!

Okay, back to my quilting. I'm hoping to finish these blocks soon and get them off to the ones they need to go to. We have another block due for the Tuesday group, but I'm not going to do one. I'm not crazy about sewing them on the machine and this group does pieced work, where I do applique. I will do a block once in awhile but I won't do it every time.

My roomy for Retreat was asking if I had ideas for retreat. Told her thinking of bringing one thing and then working on the quilts of valor with her. I'll be getting with her hopefully this week. Should be fun to see what we come up with. I'm looking forward to enjoying and being Happy Quilting!

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