Sunday, March 22, 2015

Movie, Applique, and Bowling

Today was a good day overall. I woke early this morning, played on my tablet, and found myself falling asleep. After Patrick got up around 10 am, I went back to bed. I couldn't believe I slept for another hour and then some. I usually don't sleep that much. It felt good, but odd at the same time. All I wanted to do was go back to bed.

Once I got up, Phillip showed up to work on a bee house. Him and Patrick went out in the garage and worked on the bee house. I stayed in the house and played a few games. Patrick came back in to say the movie starts in about 30 mins, so I knew I didn't have much time to do applique.

We went to the movie "Cinderella," which I really enjoyed. I liked it better than the one I saw in the 1960's. I really did enjoy the movie.

We got back home and I had an hour or so to work on my applique. I pulled out my #4 block (first one I started working on). I was able to get the center done. I would have liked to have done a better job, but I ended up doing it twice to get it this way. I now need to do the embroidery on it, and will do that this week. Then I'll actually have one of 15 blocks done. lol

I was able to start working on another basket (#2) and will get moving on it. I have three baskets done, and just need to do the flowers next. What I really need to do is get the fabric for the flowers and baste them down on the blocks. Then I will have plenty to work on. I basted a basket on one of the blocks last night. I was also able to mark three more blocks. They are small projects and are going really fast. I'm surprised at how much fun it is to do them. As I was working on the basket block I was thinking of how this was going to be done.

As one can see, I am not putting the "knobs" on the baskets. I found that they didn't "balance" each other the way I wanted them to when I worked on them. So, I have "cut them off." My baskets will be different from the pattern.

I like the way the quilt is supposed to be put together, but it's not big enough for me. So, I'm thinking about adding a border around the baskets, that will be scraps, just like the blocks that go between the blocks. That way I can add a few inches to the quilt. I'm hoping that will make the quilt a little bigger and can be used on a bed. I'll try it out on paper to see if it will work.

This week is going to be a busy week. I'm hoping to get some applique done, but not sure how much will be done. Hoping it will work out. Borrowed mom's light box, but she forgot the cords that go with it, so will have to go get them this week. Good thing I have PT on Wednesday. Mom's off to the Seabeck retreat in the morning, so will visit with dad before I go to PT.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

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