Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not Much Happening Here.

Today was like most Saturdays. Patrick wanted to go out and we did. I did get a little bit on the afghan done. Not quiet three rows, but every row helps.

I'm sitting here watching the news. I have comments I'd love to say, but this blog is for my projects and not for my opinions on politics.

I did get 3 more baskets basted onto my fabric for the Bountiful Baskets.  I hope to get started on the flowers that go in the baskets. I am hoping to mark the other blocks for basting as well. so far it's going pretty fast. I'm surprised at how "easy" or quick it is to do the blocks. It's an awesome size to take with me when at appointments. I have an appointment on Wednesday for Physical Therapy. Mom is leaving Monday for the TAS Retreat up in Seabeck. I quit going a year ago because person differences. I just hope TAS can overcome the problems, but I'm not seeing that happen. If one person would get off the board, I'd go back in a shot. I really like what TAS is all about. Right now, I can't encourage anyone to join until things are better.

Things are looking up, I'm finding more things to do. I'm still having trouble with my shoulder. It was a pain in the arm last night. I couldn't sleep worth squat. As I type this, my hubby is snoring next to me, so guess he didn't get anymore sleep then I did last night. Shame he's such a light sleeper! lol

I'm looking forward to working on more blocks tonight. I didn't take photos like I usually do. I'll have photos tomorrow.

Thank you to those of you that +1 me. I'm surprised to see I have one every day. Thank  you for checking out my crazy life!

Happy Quilting!


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