Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rainy Day....Quilt Day

Today was off and on with the rain. I walked up to a neighbors to enjoy a quilt day with my mother's Tuesday group. They meet every week too. Since I was asked to join them, I decided I would stay home and walk up to the neighbors instead of going into town to see what my group was up to. It felt good to stay home today. Wasn't really in the mood to be running around all over town. Guess I've been a little "bummed" today too, because I was thinking of my Facebook friend that passed. It gets hard going into a game that she would chat with me in, and not find her there. Oh, well.

While I was up at the neighbors (had to climb a little hill to get there) I worked on my applique. I just love her house! She's got the best view from her living room. If I had the money to buy her house, I would. She's got it up for sale now.

I took my floss up with me and outlined the flower in embroidery. I then added the center to make it look like a good flower.

I also finished the flower on this block.

And finished the last petal on this block. Now I need to do the centerpiece.

I need to add a couple leaves on these stems. I haven't decided which ones yet.

While I was waiting to leave, I started working on this basket. I was able to get 3/4 of it done.  I do need to do the handle area next. I've got a lot of baskets ready to be done. I need to start marking the March group of baskets.

While I was with the group and after I got home, my retreat roomy and I were texting each other. We were talking about what we are planning to do at the retreat. I'm thinking I will work on a couple Quilt of Valor quilts. I would like to do one for my cribbage partner, and I would like to do one for my dad. But I would also like to do one for other military members as well. I think I will work on some star blocks before I go, and that will give me something to put together when I get there. Now, remember, this is ME, the one that doesn't like to sew on the machine. I do okay once a year, but don't expect a miracle. I want to do an Eagle applique as well.

Want to, need to, interested in - so where do I go from here?! UGH

I've been working on the baby afghan as well. It's getting closer to being done. I'll keep going on it, and even though I want to do applique tonight, I will do the afghan instead. I worked on it last night while watching Dancing with the Stars. I wasn't too thrilled with DWTS last night. They must be hurting for celebrities because they sure aren't getting any good ones. I'll be busy trying to be Happy Quilting!

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