Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day of Running Around

Today was a good day. I slept in later than I thought.

Today we went out and about. Ended up doing grocery shopping. Came home for supper and now I have time to sit and relax. I was able to get a few stitches in last night on my Acorn quilt. Other than that, not much to report.

Brain still I will work on this....and then don't forget about that....and oh, yea!, don't forget I have cross stitch to work on....What will tomorrow bring....Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Day....Another Table Mat done.

Today was one of those days I just couldn't seem to wake up. I made myself get out of bed at 8:10 am. I'm not usually that bad. I normally am up by 7 am. Go figure.

I worked on laundry - again. Then I sat and watched "The Librarians."

While I was watching the shows, I finished up two more mats. I have three to go. I'm getting tired of doing the bindings, and think I will work on the Acorn quilt tonight.

I got to this point last night at class, so I'll work on some more today. I'll work on the binding tomorrow. Enough is enough. lol  One can only do so much binding before one gets tired of it.

I have decided to sign back up with AQS. I'm looking forward to being a members again. I stopped it a few years back and can't wait to see what they have now. I noticed they have a few classes that one can get a discount to. I'm actually thinking of taking the classes. Should be fun.

This weekend looks to be a busy one. Patrick has decided he has a few things up his sleeve, so I'm not sure if I'll get much done in way of quilting. I'm sure I'll have a couple hours at the end of the day to work on applique. I'm actually starting to get "itchy" for hand quilting. I've been working in my head about some patterns. I need to sit down and draw them, so I can use them in the quilt. Time will tell when I actually sit and do that.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Busy Yet Relaxing Day.....

Today started out early. I decided to relax before taking a shower, and I did. It felt like a weekend the way I was going.

I cleaned the stove, and headed downstairs to play.

Play I did. I put the 9 patches out on my guilt wall. Took down my work so I could figure this out. These are the 9 patches I did a while back and had no clue what I would do with them. I thought if I could set them by color it might look pretty good. I haven't decided what I'm going to do, or if I'm going to change some of the colors. I have an idea of using triangles as well. 

I think decided I needed to get moving on the table mats. 

So I put the binding on all 6 of them. I then came back upstairs and watched a few TV shows "On Demand" to get caught up. I finished one of the table mats, and half of the second one. They are taking a tad longer than I would like, but that's okay too. 

I then left to my class. We worked on the applique part of the Dragonfly pattern. I worked on my Acorn quilt. We all got a lot done, and I showed them a few tricks to applique. We all had a great time. I also got some books and floss for Brazilian embroidery from Terri. I was thrilled at what she brought me. I can't wait to check out the books and the stuff she brought me. It will be fun to work on those. I'm also thinking of going to the seminar next year as well. 

I'm looking forward to getting the Acorn quilt done for my Aunt and Uncle. I would like to have it done by the time my folks go down there for Thanksgiving.

It was a good day, got laundry done, cleaned the stove, and was able to work on three of my projects when it comes to quilting...which puts me at Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Awesome Day at Class.

Started out getting up on time this time. I checked out my neighbors house to see if I had the alarm set right. Guess I did.

Headed to Whalen Quilt Works quilt shop. Today was the last day of working on the "2 Fabric Applique - Dragonfly" pattern. We had a good time. Both my students figured it out fast, and we all worked on our applique projects.

While they did the dragonfly, I did the acorn pattern. This is what I was able to get done today. I hadn't touched it since basting it because I wanted to be able to use this in teaching. I'll work on it again tomorrow night when my night class concludes as well. I like how it's turning out. This is the one for my Aunt in Arizona.

Came home and worked on my eagle. Wanted to do applique and decided I would wait on the acorn pattern till after tomorrow night.

I'm almost to the tip of the wing. When I get that done, I'll add the darker upper wing.  I purchased the fabric for the post that the eagle is sitting on. I will work on putting that on next. I have a gold for the arrows. Not sure if I will go with gold or go with a blue. I'll have to figure that out when I get there.

Tonight is bowling, so it will be interesting to see if we can take first place. I'm hoping!

Last night I worked on the rose block.

I did all the embroidery last night I will see what the group thinks and see if I need to add more.

In the meantime, Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Plans Changed.......No Worries

Today started out easily. I worked on the laundry and vacuumed the house. It felt good to clean up a little bit. I did put a few things away - which I needed to do.

My friend called and cancelled our lunch appointment, so I didn't have anywhere to go. I did look forward to walking down to the golf course for lunch, but we'll do that again another day. I did go and give our neighbor her mail.

Last night I had a little bit of time, so I worked on the button hole leaves. I really had fun working on this! The flower is next and I'm thinking I may try and do it anyway.

I got back to working on this block. It's a pretty rose, and I'm having fun working on it.

I did get the embroidery work around the one leaf, but I'm going to work on the rest of them. I need to put the veins in the two leaves, including the one I did the embroidery around. It's not my favorite rose pattern, but it was easy enough to do. I'm not real crazy about the bud on the top, but will still do the embroidery to see if I can make it look a little better. I should have put the bud under the rose so it wouldn't look so "off."

I spend the afternoon getting caught up on my shows. I still have a couple more I want to get off "on demand." I can't believe some of the shows that are on the line up! One I saw was about a couple that are murderers. What are we telling our kids? It's "fun" to kill?! Wow, that's one show I will not watch. I like to be entertainer....makes it easier to enjoy what I'm working on.

I've got class tomorrow. Looking forward to getting them started on finishing up the quilt. My mind is thinking of patterns. I need to get some paper and draw. At least I keep telling myself that. I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea of a pattern....Can I remember it?! Nope. I should do what our teacher taught us years ago, keep a notebook and pencil next to the bed. Then when I wake up, write down what I was thinking or want to remember.....Okay, we're talking about me now....Don't think I can write down what I'm thinking...or even remember to write down what I'm thinking. I get up, visit the bathroom, and go back to bed. Writing doesn't seem to be in that thought. PLUS if I did write something down, I'd have to turn the lamp on, and I can just hear Patrick...."What are you doing???" Not something I see myself doing....but hey, it was a thought. Maybe I should write that down! Happy Quilting!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Embroidery Day and A Quiet Afternoon

Today I just couldn't get up. I was so tired. I couldn't believe I actually slept in. I woke at 8 am, then had to get moving.

Our BFF group (Brazilian Embroidery) was today. I got my pumpkins done.

I wanted to cover the white that was showing between the satin stitches. I'm really not happy with the way this looks, but I'll work better on it next time.

The good news is that I'm about half done. I'm liking the way it looks. I like the colors I have compared to our leaders. Her's has more red. I like the oranges in mine. It's funny though, she has a prettier flower on the left, then I do.

Since I bowled last night, I didn't get much done on this block. I'm looking forward to working on the embroidery though. I will have to decide if I want to do embroidery on the rose, or just the leaves. I'll decide after I do the leaves, and see what needs to be done.

Tomorrow is a "ME" day - with the exception of Laundry and Vacuuming! I have a mess on the table, and that needs to be picked up. I was doing really good up till this last week. Got way to busy and didn't put my stuff away....which is driving me crazy!.....go figure!

Life is good, everyone is good....Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Day of Movies and Applique!

Today was a good morning to start. Didn't walk, but will be bowling later.

We spent the day watching the "Back to the Future" movies. The second and third one. I really did forget some of what was in the movies. 

Last night I was able to get this far on the block. 

While watching TV I was able to get this far. I'm going to work on the buds, which are going to be fitted in, as the pattern is off....the bud are going to be closer than the pattern calls for. I like the pattern, just not crazy about them being off on the size. Someone needs to do the pattern before they sell it with the instructions. I'm finding out with patterns, people make them up without double checking the information they give. 

I should be done with this today, then I can start with the embroidery, as this block has a LOT of embroidery. I'm going to change the embroidery a little. Should be fun. I'm going to do a little more than it calls for. 

As one can see, I'm moving along great, and Happy Quilting!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Enjoyed a Movie and Applique

Today we were up early to take Ruthie to the airport in Portland. I think we've been to the airport about 5 times in the last month. Oh, well.

We got home and decided to enjoy the afternoon watching a movie. I marked my rose pattern on the fabric that the group wanted to make the quilt with. It wasn't easy because of the dark color for the background.

The design is a little bigger than it should be. It's a tight squeeze. The pattern called for two pieces for the applique. They had the pattern for fusible. I hate fusible. So, I'm having to work it out for regular applique. I can get away with less pieces if I use embroidery, which I plan to do. The problem is that the buds are way too close to the big rose. I had to move them closer to the rose, and it may look a little off, but I'm going to try and avoid the awkward look of it. I hope I can make it. Problem is, the background is already bigger than the pattern required. Should be interesting, but I'm going to try. I wanted to get this done, and not wait till the last minute. Then I can get back to doing my own work again. I'm labeling this as TAS meeting, as it's a block for our TAS group.

Last night we watched an old movie with Doris Day and Brian Kieth. It was so funny! I love movies with those two in them. I do miss them in movies.

While I was watching TV I worked on this block as well. I started another orange flower. It is going faster than I expected, but I tend to do half and try to find something else to work on, like the eagle blocks. (The other block was behind it, so you can see it through the block)

I have a pile of quilting here! It's making a mess in the living room. Oh, well. I will clean it up tonight or tomorrow. I really have been thinking about what I'm going to do with the blocks downstairs.

I have my stuff together for teaching on Wednesday. I have Brazilian Embroidery on Monday. I'm still keeping busy, and love what is going on. Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Took The Day Off!

Today I went for my walk with Ruth, then I came home and decided I would stay home. I didn't go to the meeting at moms. I sat and played a few game, got tired and took a nap.

Yep, ME, I took a NAP...I never take naps. I hated them when I was a kid, and I'm not that crazy about them now. But I was so tired - heck if I know why - and had to lay down on the couch.

Once I got up, I then went for another walk with Ruth. It took longer than usual because we ended up stopping and chatting with neighbors. Got home and went to work on my genealogy. I was able to find a few people I didn't know and I add some photos to the family tree. I pulled out some letters to work on, and they are sitting here next to me. I really need to add more letters to the blog.

I have the rose block I need to do for the group. I'm thinking about getting that block started. I need to pull out the lightbox and do my marking on the back for back basting. I tend to enjoy that more than anything. As if I don't have enough stuff going on, I'm already thinking of working on something else that isn't mine. Oh, well.

Looking forward to getting back in the mood and ready to be Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meeting Day....Tired Day....

Today I was out walking as usual. Then I came home and got my stuff ready for our meeting. I'm enjoying the fact that I'm not in charge anymore.

I was able to get more done on the flower I was working on.

The orange flower was not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm happy with the way it's turned out. I did take the yellow flower off, and will do the same to the one on the right. I will think of something different for that. I was looking at the yellow downstairs. I may add some yellow or gold colors to this block. The flowers can use some different colors to give it more life. I pulled out more of my oranges and a golden yellow. Not sure how I'm going to do this. I do know the other one will have more blues and purples, but Katt told me NO blue or purples in her quilt. (Too late)

I didn't take the colors with me on the basket block, so I worked on the eagle feathers.

I was able to get about a third of it done. I will put the darker fabric on the top part of the wing later.

This gives one an idea of how big the wings are.

I got home today and could't believe how tired I felt. I just want to go lay down and sleep.

Oh, mom wanted me to change the time of our class. I talked to Rita and decided I would not change the time. I had talked to mom about it when we scheduled it, and I'm not going to change it to make Rita do a lot of work to be able to change the time. I'll teach the class and mom can come in when she's done with her Bible Study group. I'll miss one of my Brazilian Embroidery meetings, but oh well.

Seahawks are playing now, and I'm going to sit here and enjoy the rest of the game. Just hope they don't do what they have been doing. Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Teaching Day!

This morning started out walking. It's awesome when Ruth is here. Trouble is, she's leaving again fro another 2 weeks, and I'm going to have to get my rear in gear and get out there to walk. Lets see how that goes.

I then headed out to the shop to teach the second class of "2 Fabric Applique" again. It went really good. We had a fun time of chatting as well as learning. I even had to buy some more fabric - did you get that "had to" - and now I've got more blue and green. When will I learn?! I have way too much fabric as it is.....

After class I headed to the folks. Yes, mom still has her cold. I went to take photos of dad's car for my sister-in-law. Dad didn't get the car started, so I couldn't get take photos. The garage had so much stuff in it. Taking a photo in the garage, just wasn't the thing to do. So, I then left there to go for my mammogram. I'm happy to say, it only took 5 mins and well worth getting checked out.

We went to the bowling alley and had dinner. I bowled like it wasn't my day of bowling.

The only thing I got done in way of quilting is Rita's Dragonfly basting done. She's now ready for the applique work. We'll be doing that next week. I've got our TAS meeting tomorrow and Friday. I'm thinking I'm going to pass on Friday. I am really tired of being on the run all week.

Now for my soap box:

I received an email from TAS this week, stating they are considering disbanding the organization. What the heck! NQA has already disbanded, and quilting organizations are slowly dieing. Yet there are plenty of quilter out there that can benefit from each organization. The problem with being a member of quilting organizations is that each person needs to commit to the organization. Quilters need to volunteer to keep them going. It's just like when a quilter is a member of a local group, one volunteers to help. With bigger organizations, they need that support as well. Because TAS has applique'rs that just want to do applique, we aren't getting the help that is needed to keep it alive. Quilters need to think about what the organizations give us. We don't need to keep asking, "what does TAS have to offer" but we should be asking, "What can I do for TAS." We get our newsletters every other month! That's something...if one has to get something out of the organization. We all need to think of what we want out of quilting. Think about it, we pay magazines to get a magazine every other month, yet we think because it's an organization we have to get MORE out of it. How about the fact that we share what each group does, we get together at retreats, and get to hear about them. We are on facebook to enjoy each others company. What else do quilters want? Remember, fees can only go so far with few quilters involved. What does a quilter of today's standards really want from an organization that promotes, teaches, and shares what it has to provide?? Are we getting that "stuffy" that we have to get every penny we spend give a "return?" When do quilters understand an organization can't run without the support of it's members? If we don't support the organization, it will be gone. Once it's gone, quilters will be wishing they were there again. The "what if's" will be out there. Good luck keeping organizations alive if one isn't willing to be an active support of the group. I really truly hope TAS makes it. It has patterns and things about applique that no one else has out there. How else will we all be able to enjoy newer patterns, books, etc. that are told in our newsletter. Not everyone does the internet.

Something to think about....Happy Quilting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As The Day Goes On....

Got up early today. Got ready to take Art to the casino. We had a great time.

After that, I went to mom's to get the pattern for our class. I then took the wall hanging to the shop. We set up a date for teaching the class. We're looking forward to getting that class started. I stopped on the way home at Copy Depot in town. I had 10 copies made of the pattern. Got home, eat, and then made copies on freezer paper for the pattern. (That technique is moms) I then got the booklets out and put the patterns in them. Now I have 9 sets of patterns ready for the class. I'll take those over to mom's and she can add a couple more things to it.

Last night I worked on the blocks that I said I would.

I started on the flower. It's a little more work than I really wanted to do, so I put it away and worked on the eagle instead. I will try and finish it tonight though. There are a lot of those flowers in this block. They are the circle ones that overlap. They tend to be a little complicated when one gets to the last circle. I'll work on it. I need the practice.

This is the bottom part of the wing. It so big, I didn't worry about straightening when  I took the photo. I'll do a better photo later. It's so bad that you can see the table top quilt under it. Just wanted to show the "just" of where I am on it. This is a big eagle, so there is more than this to it.

I have my next "2 Fabric Applique" quilt class tomorrow. So far it's just 2 people, but I'm okay with that. I want to help out the shop, and that's the way to do it. I'm looking forward to this class.

So far, so good. I'm getting stuff done, even when life is busy. I had a good visit with Art today, and I had fun getting the stuff to the shop that we needed to get moving on. I'm not sure how the teaching is going to go with mom, but I'm looking forward to it.

Keeping things interesting....Happy Quilting!

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Quiet Day..Before The Week Gets Busier.....

Today started out a little later than usual. No walking in the morning...but I did walk by myself in the afternoon, so I did get walking in.

I decided to work on my guilt wall block today. I was able to get the leaves done - that I put on the block.

I took the light orange color for the flower out. Then I appliqued one of the petals. I am going to change those two flowers on the right side. I'm trying to stay within the colors Katt wants. She's got some blue in this quilt, but she'll have to live with it. (smiling)

Guess I was in one of those moods know the one I mean. The one that where we disagree with EVERYTHING and nothing sounds good, no matter how one looks at it. Poor Patrick, he put up with me being back!

So today was another story....I went bored...then decided to text Patrick with this photo, saying, "See, I'm walking today. LOL" I usually don't walk when Ruth isn't around to go with. Now I know why...I get bored to easily.

This is the road I usually walk on - on my way back to the house. I get a good 1 3/4 miles in. Life is good. The clouds where out today. Bet we'll get more rain tonight.

Before Patrick got home, I basted the bottom part of the wing of another eagle. This is one of the eagles that will be on the top of the quilt. When I get it done, Donna can make the use the blocks that we got from the Retreat to put on it. I'm still working on the basket block (guilt block) as well as the eagle. Going from one thing to the other keeps me going.

I loaded up the box for the QOV quilt to be sent off. It's going to be quilted by a gal in Kingston. I can't wait to see what she comes up with, but I'm not in a big hurry, so looking forward to having a quilt done for the group.

Tonight will be a night of applique. That's called...Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seahawks Lost.....I Finished Another Project.....

Today started out lazily.I didn't want to get dressed till close to noon. I sat and played games.

Then I finally got moving and used the carpet cleaner on the dinning room. I spilled some cooking oil on the carpet some time back. It gets really dirty in a very short amount of time. So, Katt mentioned baking powder working to get oil out. I got the area wet, then put the baking powder over it. Patrick scrubbed it in the carpet. Then I cleaned it again with the cleaner. It seemed to work. Patrick even tried the Dawn soup to see if it would work. Between the two, it helped, but time will tell. Oil seems to collect dirt really easily. Hopefully we got most of the oil out of it, that we didn't get last time. I keep hoping each cleaning gets it cleaned out.

After that, I sat and played again.

Last night I had sewed the binding on the piece we are doing for teaching beginning applique.

Copywritten pattern by Shirley Taylor and Lynn Wiltzius
 This is the class we will be teaching. I did the petals and pumpkins - which I showed when I did them. Mom added the other pieces. I would have done the leaves and stem in a different color, but that is the fun part about each quilter - everyone one does something different. I will take this to the shop and set up a date for teaching.

I finally got the binding done, and now can work on my projects. I think I will get started on putting another eagle on another block.

We had bowling tonight. Think we did the same thing Seahawks did, was ahead and got beat at the last frame. UGH Seahawks need to get it together. At this rate we won't be going anyway!

Just realized before we went bowling that I missed my appointment for my mamogram. I couldn't believe it! Usually they call and remind me, but they didn't. I didn't have it on my phone, and didn't pay attention to my calendar on the missed it. I'll call tomorrow and see if I can just go in. If I do I'll go to the folks and take a photo of dad's car. He's got a buyer I think.

I was looking forward to having tomorrow to myself, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Oh, well, I'm still going to be Happy Quilting!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dust, Dust, Everywhere!

Today started out slow, but then went on full steam ahead. We had been talking about the dust in the bedroom, and the last couple days my allergies came full force. So, after waking up with migraines, it was nice to finally try and to fix that problem.

Patrick and I started cleaning the bedroom. We took the mattresses off the bed so we could move it. We then dusted all the bed tables and drawers. We vacuumed the whole room. We ended up emptying the vacuum three times! I could not believe all the dust! I even took the vacuum to my stuff animal that are on the top of my drawers. We moved the bed around a couple times to be able to get to the dust. My drawers are too big to move, so I had to vacuum with the hand held part. Amazing how much dust there's not like I don't clean my house! It was all under, behind, and one the bed. Now it's clean! I thought our bedroom was clean, till we did all that cleaning! It took a couple hours to get it done, but we did it. Now I SHOULD be okay tonight when I sleep. We usually do this kind of cleaning once or twice a year. This one was after about a year. UGH.

After we did that, mom and dad stopped by. (Mom has a cold) We went down to Kelso to Sizzlers for supper. We all had a good meal, then came home to try out the pie I made. I used the recipe from "Food Network Magazine." It was the chocolate marshmallow pie. I was disappointed, It wasn't as good as I expected. It was "dense" for my liking. Will probably throw it out tomorrow.

We played  a game. All's well. Dad won.

Mom brought over the piece we are going to teach a class for. She asked me to bind it as she was having trouble with the binding. After they left, I sewed the binding onto the quilted piece - table top size or even a wall hanging. She did an awesome job quilting it. I need to get the pattern from her so we can get copies made. I will do that this week.

Still no camera working, but will use my tablet tomorrow to be able to show what I've been up to. I worked on my basket block earlier today before the folks arrived.

I finished the leaves on the top left. I also worked on a few other leaves. I'm thinking of changing the flowers I started to work on . I'm going to go for orange, since that is the color Katt wants on her quilt. Sorry, one has to tilt their head to see this right. I should have turned it. Guess I'm a little off when it comes to photos this of these days.....I can hope! Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Wasn't In the Mood...............

Today I walked in the morning, came home and played a few games. Then I was ready to do something, but didn't know what. Thought about it, then went and did laundry. Ruth called me to go walking again, and I did. Before that I vacuumed. Oh, and I went downstairs to see what I had on the guilt wall. I took down one of the baskets blocks and brought it upstairs, thinking I would work on it.

Next thing I knew I was paying bills for the community water, and balancing the checkbook. Then I fixed supper. The next thing I knew it was time for Patrick to come home and I was realizing I didn't do anything other then update my booklet on the QOV quilts.

Finished the QOV binding yesterday and washed the quilt.

Speaking of yesterday, I had a great time teaching yesterday. The class had 4 quilters in it. We will be meeting back in two weeks. It was fun. I had a good time working with them. I even finished up my basting on the quilt. I will wait and take it to my Wednesday class. and then wait till the following week for the second meeting. I'm getting excited about teaching. Hope more people will come to my classes. Mom called today and said she was having trouble with the binding on the block we are doing for beginning applique. I'll pick it up from her and finish it off so we can get moving on a class date.

In the meantime, I'm still not in the mood to do anything! Hopefully it's temporary and I'll be back to Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Without a Camera....Feeling Lost

Today started out like most, walking. Came back home and we went out for breakfast. We enjoyed a great breakfast at The Berry Fields restaurant. I had a wonderful French Toast with home made sausage.

Patrick took Sue to the airport. We had an awesome time with her hear. She is constantly moving. She has more energy than I do! But loved the visit.

I worked on the binding of the QOV quilt that Donna had finished. I washed it three times so far. The red and blue bleed, as it was purple on the color sheets.

Then this evening I headed over to the shop and taught my first class. I enjoyed it. We had four people learning how to do the "2 Fabric Applique." I taught them how to get started. So, they took the project home to baste. After they are done with basting, they will bring it back in two week. Then the fun begins. I'll teach how to cut and applique. While they were working on basting their quilts, I finished basting mine. It is now ready for me to do the applique. I'm not going to start it till next week, or the week after. I want to use my quilt as a sample of what the basting looks like. Then on the next class, (both have 2 class times) I'll show them how to cut it. So, I may not be able to cut into my quilt for two weeks now that I think of it. Then I'll have to kick butt and get it done so mom and dad can take it to my Aunt.

So, I'm without my camera due to batteries....and my phone camera is getting way worse. I'm lost without being able to use my camera! I love to take photos. But then again, the last few photos I took where not that good. I need to get back out there and work on my camera taking. I used to be better then what I've been doing. i will take the time and take better photos!.....when I get the batteries for my camera!

Now that I figured that out....I'm wondering...what am I going to work on.....Guess I'll work on the guilt wall or even start another eagle....OR go down and quilt......Oh, yah, need to work on Katt's quilt top to get that done as well......ugh...hate it when I get to this point...but I'm still at it and Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Good Day....Finished A Few Things....Woo Hoo

Today went for my walk. Got a good walk in. Came home, Patrick and Sue where getting ready for their bike ride. I was okay with not going, because I would have kept them worrying about me not keeping up with them.

I went downstairs, sewed up the backing for the QOV quilt. Then I spent the next hour and a half cleaning up the back of the quilt. I had to get it ready to request a quilter or it. I tried to get it as clean as possible, since it was a little thready. It came out pretty good, just wish I could have done a little better, but then I'm one of those that has to have it perfect. Hate others seeing my mess.

I then went and put the embroidery on the bottom feather. I seriously need a better camera! This phone isn't working good, and the worst part....yesterday while we were hiking my camera battery when dead, as well as having the wrong disc in it! At least I got a few good photos, but I need to work on it again. UGH, having trouble with photos is not a good thing!

I checked on my class tomorrow, to see if we are still doing it. The good news is yes, not sure how many will be there, but we are still having it. I'm looking forward to it. I need to print something up for it, but not sure what. I gave Rita my supply list. So, will think about what I'm going to put own on paper.

Funny, I'm looking at the photo, and I want to change that flower! The light pink is a little off. Let's she how that goes....will I, or won't I....don't look at is fine.

I have a few things getting done, and I'm jumping for joy! Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Day of Hiking

Walked early this morning, then headed out to the back side of Mt. St. Helens. We had a great hike.

We went to the falls, and believe it or not, it's behind these trees.

Loved this area.

We hiked about 7 miles.

As one can see, I didn't make it to quilting stuff. I enjoyed the hiking and then movie later. Didn't spend much time doing any projects because we did a lot of driving to get where we were.

Tomorrow is another day!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Realizing I'm Behind....

This morning I could get a walk in. Got up even before Patrick. Enjoyed a great walk as well.

I had an hour before going to my Brazilian Embroidery meeting. Would you believe, Patrick throw me off??! 9:30 am came, and I had to rush out the door! I completely forgot I was going --- even after I knew I had an hour to get moving. Patrick got up, turned the TV on and I was watching it as well as playing games.....then it was "Oh, crap! I have to get going!"

I worked on my pumpkins, finishing the big one and working on the second one. I noticed the seam isn't what I'd like, so I'm thinking I'm going to outline all of it, not just the outside of it. That way it will cover up the white.

It's been a while since I've done satin stitches, so the seam part needs to get a little closer.

After our meeting, came home and worked on the eagle block that I need to get to Donna.

I have one more part to embroider and then it's done and can go to Donna, as I know she's waiting on it.

I also worked on the "Oak Leaves & Acorns" pattern. I'm still basting it. I did get a call from Whalen Quilt Works, that my class only has 2 people so far. I had a couple people that were interested in taking it, and haven't signed up yet. I start Thursday, so don't know if it will go through or not. Hope it does.

I had to go find some embroidery floss downstairs, and realized I was so far behind...

My calendar was on June! So, I changed it and now I can keep up on what day it is. Guess I didn't look at it down there much. If you see my board from the other day, you'll notice the June date. Wonder when the next time I'll notice I need to change the calendar. I can do it up here, just not in my sewing room - go figure!

In the meantime, I am still behind....I have to get the quilt finished with binding.....Work on the Baltimore Liberty blocks.....Work on finishing the quilt for Phil on his ships,.........and this, that, and the other! One day at a time, I'm getting there! Happy Quilting.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Today I ended up leaving home early to get to meet another bowler, then drive all the way down to Longview, WA to the bowling alley. We bowled with a sub and an absent bowler, since two of our bowlers were getting on the boat for a cruise today. I'm thankful the travel league is only once a month. I did bowl better this time - 161, 163, 178. Not bad since I was fighting the alley all day.

Got home around 3 pm, and was able to sit and watch TV as well as try to baste the "2 fabric applique" pattern I'm working on. Oak Leaves and Acorns has more to go with the basting. I've probably have about 1/4 of it done. I worked on it last night, but will do more tomorrow....or may just finish up the block I need to finish for Donna as well as the binding on the quilt.....brain overload! I'm hoping to get the backing done for the quilt that needs a quilter....I need to finish the block....I need to finish the binding....I need to work on Katt's top......I need to get MOVING!!! As well as get back to quilting on the quilts.......

On the way to bowling we noticed the clouds. I haven't seen clouds like that before.

It was so cool!!

These were taken off Jackson Hwy on the way into Chehalis.

Patrick had a hard time bowling tonight, but I did pretty good. Bowled 161, 205, 179. Can't complain. Now I'm ready to get a good night sleep and head over to the church for our Brazilian Embroidery class. I'm looking forward to it! Happy Quilting!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Out of One Project....Into Another....And Another!

Today started out early, playing games. Then Patrick woke up, and I was off to Costco.

After Costco we were off to the movies.

So, yesterday, I spend my day at the group meeting at moms. I worked on my block for QOV. I have a few more leaves to put on and then the flower. Once I have that done, I'll be able to do the embroidery for the stem and call it good.

After the meeting, I got home and pulled out the light box. I then marked two pieces of fabrics for the pillow case "area" quilt blocks. One is for my eagle quilt, and the other is for the QOV quilt that Donna will add the blocks we got from the retreat to it.

The beige is my block and the white is for the QOV block.

This is the fabric for the back of the quilt I finished for QOV. I need to cut it and sew it back up together for the backing. I have been trying to do that for the past two days. I'm glad I haven't asked for a quilter yet, because I'm just not ready for that.

Then there was today - after the movies.....

I marked the fabric for the "2 fabric applique" pattern I'm doing for my Aunt and Uncle. Think I will try and get this done before my parents go to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Hopefully they can take it with them and give it to my Aunt and Uncle.

Since Patrick's sister is coming on Monday, I needed to go downstairs and clean up a know, that mess that's on my counter....and I did. I then posted my guilt projects back on the guilt wall. Looking at it, that makes 3 projects.

Then I added a few more pattern - that I just bought in the last week - up on my wall. Of course, there are several projects I want to do, but keep getting myself in a bind with yet...ANOTHER project. I keep thinking I will finish a couple before starting another, but with the QOV projects, that doesn't seem to be I just told everyone, I marked two more blocks for the eagle projects. UGH!

As I sit here, watching TV, I know that when I shut this off, I will need to start basting the pattern I just marked today....Tomorrow is Bowling....Monday is Brazilian Embroidery and my sister-in-law's visit. Looking forward to both, and still working on Happy Quilting.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Still Going Strong!

Today I was not very good when it came to walking....didn't walk today. I do miss that!

Quilting at Whalen Quilt Works today. We had a small group show up. It actually helped out with me getting something done. The best part was the part where I didn't have to do anything as coordinator. The new coordinator showed up and left early. And then there were 4 of us.

I was able to get most of the leaves done. I have two or three more to work on.

I did get the center of the flower on, and will try to finish it up tonight.

Once I get the block done, I can get the binding of this quilt done as well. Then I can drop them off at Donna's house. That will take care of two more things. I will try to mark my fabric for the eagle that spans the pillow area of the quilt. I'm going to work on two eagles, one for me and one for QOV.

Mom donated the fabrics she had to Donna and I. We will use them. I also told her to request a quilt from the QOV website. I will be asking for a quilter as soon as I sew the back together. I don't want to make the request till I have it done and ready. Otherwise I will be putting it off and when it has to go out, feel rushed. I really don't think that's the way to go, so will wait till I get it done, and then get the quilt off in the mail.

I've been checking on getting teachers (TAS members) to teach at our annual meeting. I'm hoping our annual meeting will bring a lot more TAS members. I can hope!

Keep strong and Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another Busy Day....Waiting to Calm Down!

This morning started out with a walk. After that came back to the house, vacuumed, cleaned, changed the table cloth, and put dishes away. Made brownies and oatmeal bars for the ladies. Headed over to Physical Therapy. Was given a couple more exercises to do!

Hurried home, ate, and then got ready for the ladies to show up. We had a meeting for the TAS Annual Meeting in May next year. We talked about all the things we can do, and will meet again in November.

After the meeting it was bowling - not a good job of bowling but can't complain.

(Will replace this photo tomorrow!) This is what I've gotten done on the eagle block. I have a few more leaves and finish the flower as well as the embroidery. I also got 3 sides done on the binding of the quilt I brought home. I'm down to the last few inches of the binding and then I can give it over to Donna. I didn't get the back sewed together today, but will do that for the quilt top I made for QOV. At this rate more is getting done. Mom decided to donate the fabric to the QOV and will request a quilt when she goes to the reunion of dad's military unit.

Now that I'm rambling and probably not making any sense, will call it a day. Tomorrow is quilting, so I'm looking forward to getting this block done a little more if not completely.

Best wishes, an Happy Quilting!

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