Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Day of Movies and Applique!

Today was a good morning to start. Didn't walk, but will be bowling later.

We spent the day watching the "Back to the Future" movies. The second and third one. I really did forget some of what was in the movies. 

Last night I was able to get this far on the block. 

While watching TV I was able to get this far. I'm going to work on the buds, which are going to be fitted in, as the pattern is off....the bud are going to be closer than the pattern calls for. I like the pattern, just not crazy about them being off on the size. Someone needs to do the pattern before they sell it with the instructions. I'm finding out with patterns, people make them up without double checking the information they give. 

I should be done with this today, then I can start with the embroidery, as this block has a LOT of embroidery. I'm going to change the embroidery a little. Should be fun. I'm going to do a little more than it calls for. 

As one can see, I'm moving along great, and Happy Quilting!

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