Monday, October 19, 2015

A Quiet Day..Before The Week Gets Busier.....

Today started out a little later than usual. No walking in the morning...but I did walk by myself in the afternoon, so I did get walking in.

I decided to work on my guilt wall block today. I was able to get the leaves done - that I put on the block.

I took the light orange color for the flower out. Then I appliqued one of the petals. I am going to change those two flowers on the right side. I'm trying to stay within the colors Katt wants. She's got some blue in this quilt, but she'll have to live with it. (smiling)

Guess I was in one of those moods know the one I mean. The one that where we disagree with EVERYTHING and nothing sounds good, no matter how one looks at it. Poor Patrick, he put up with me being back!

So today was another story....I went bored...then decided to text Patrick with this photo, saying, "See, I'm walking today. LOL" I usually don't walk when Ruth isn't around to go with. Now I know why...I get bored to easily.

This is the road I usually walk on - on my way back to the house. I get a good 1 3/4 miles in. Life is good. The clouds where out today. Bet we'll get more rain tonight.

Before Patrick got home, I basted the bottom part of the wing of another eagle. This is one of the eagles that will be on the top of the quilt. When I get it done, Donna can make the use the blocks that we got from the Retreat to put on it. I'm still working on the basket block (guilt block) as well as the eagle. Going from one thing to the other keeps me going.

I loaded up the box for the QOV quilt to be sent off. It's going to be quilted by a gal in Kingston. I can't wait to see what she comes up with, but I'm not in a big hurry, so looking forward to having a quilt done for the group.

Tonight will be a night of applique. That's called...Happy Quilting!

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