Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another Busy Day....Waiting to Calm Down!

This morning started out with a walk. After that came back to the house, vacuumed, cleaned, changed the table cloth, and put dishes away. Made brownies and oatmeal bars for the ladies. Headed over to Physical Therapy. Was given a couple more exercises to do!

Hurried home, ate, and then got ready for the ladies to show up. We had a meeting for the TAS Annual Meeting in May next year. We talked about all the things we can do, and will meet again in November.

After the meeting it was bowling - not a good job of bowling but can't complain.

(Will replace this photo tomorrow!) This is what I've gotten done on the eagle block. I have a few more leaves and finish the flower as well as the embroidery. I also got 3 sides done on the binding of the quilt I brought home. I'm down to the last few inches of the binding and then I can give it over to Donna. I didn't get the back sewed together today, but will do that for the quilt top I made for QOV. At this rate more is getting done. Mom decided to donate the fabric to the QOV and will request a quilt when she goes to the reunion of dad's military unit.

Now that I'm rambling and probably not making any sense, will call it a day. Tomorrow is quilting, so I'm looking forward to getting this block done a little more if not completely.

Best wishes, an Happy Quilting!

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