Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Night Football....And Sewing!

Today was good day. I started out with a doctors appointment at 8 am, had blood taken and a tetanus shot,'s been 10 years. ugh. I hate shots but the gal that did it was really good. I'm usually that lucky person who has to have a tech that pokes round and can't find my veins.  Today was a good day!

Stopped off at moms and then the quilt shop. Mom finished the applique we are doing for the class. It was hanging at the shop, waiting on mom to pick it up for a border. Rita asked me which one I liked, and I like the fabric that had sunflowers in the print. The other fabric was black with bright colors, and I didn't think that worked at all.

Came home and decided I needed to finish the QOV quilt. Of course, it didn't go any better then when I quit working on it yesterday. I had to work with the top border. Don't know why it wanted to give me a pain, but it did. After I got that straightened out, I was on may way to finishing it up.......But WAIT, my iron (that was knocked over by Harley) bit the dust! It rained on me, and it wasn't very hot. I went ahead and worked on the quilt anyway! lol

Not the best photo I've ever taken, but that phone of mine doesn't have the color it used to. I will take a better photo of it tomorrow after I bring it back from out QOV meeting. It's a finished project!!!
Now I just need to get a quilter to quilt it and then it can go to a Veteran. I'm happy to be able to do this!

While I was at moms, she pulled out some patriotic fabric and asked if Donna and I would make a quilt for the military reunion in two years. She wants to quilt it and present it. I told her I would talk to Donna, and so.....I ended up bring the fabric home.....more fabric! UGH....or then again, jumping for joy! Take your pick.

Tomorrow I will try and finish the eagle block - or I may be binding the quilt Donna has for QOV. Either way, I'm going to enjoy our meeting. Woo Hoo......Still at it! Happy Quilting!

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