Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Today I spent most of the morning paying games. I wanted to get ahead of myself on the a couple games. LOL

Then in the afternoon I went down and worked on the the QOV quilt.

I put this border on, then I put the other side one. Now I'm working on the top and bottom border. I am thinking of finishing it with a red border to frame it all. I haven't got there yet. I was having some issues with the top border. The 9 patches didn't seem to match as well as I wanted. So, tomorrow afternoon I will work on it.

The sun is going down early and is so pretty. This photo doesn't give it justice. Patrick got a better photo on his phone. The orange was a lot better in his photo.

We bowled tonight and both Patrick and I bowled our 600 series. I got a 604, and he got a 609. He had to bowl a 243 to beat me. Ugh....

I enjoyed the afternoon working on the border of the QOV quilt. I want to try and have it done for Tuesday. We have a meeting then. I also need to get another backing for this quilt, as the one I have is way to big for it.

OH! Patrick came down to let me know supper was going to be done in "5 minutes." While he was there, he looked around and started counting the projects I had out. I got this, "you were going to finish that one, oh, there's another project (9 patches on the table), and oh, there is that other one you were working on. I thought you were going to finish the place mats." I laughed and said, "Yea, those are the projects I'm working on." He even had a good laugh over that! I believe he counted 5 that he could see, and then said, "Bet you have more I can't see." Yep - sure do!! Makes life interesting! Happy Quilting!

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