Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another Day Slipped Away...

Yet another day has come and gone. I woke early surprise there. I enjoyed the peace and quiet this morning. Had my breakfast and a cup of tea.

After Patrick got up, did some laundry, cleaned up a little and then sat to work on the 2 Fabric Applique Cat Nap pattern. I basted for awhile - till I got tired of it. Then I went into the computer room and worked on my genealogy - actually I copied a couple letters for my "Letters from the Past." Was fascinated by my great Uncle living in Alaska in 1938.

Went bowling - started out good, then went down hill. Had a 500 series. I've had better.

Was constantly busy today, but didn't make it downstairs. Didn't try to make any money today either. Where does the time go?

I enjoyed reading a couple blogs out there while I was waiting to bowl. Will tag them tomorrow on here.

Life is good, I'm still moving and keeping going. May we all be Happy Quilting!

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