Monday, February 8, 2016

Hand Quilting Getting Done!

We had to get up early to get to the hospital in Olympia. I had my appointment at 8:00 am or thought I was 8:30 am. We had to be up at 6 am to get there in time. We stopped and got gas. When we arrived they were making it look like I was early on purpose. I told them I was told to be here at 7:45 am. Had the paper to prove it. She apologized to me and said my appointment was 8:30. When I finally got in there, I had the "scope" test done. My noise is still sore! Had trouble getting it in there! lol I hope I don't have to do that test again! I hated that test! Was thankful when it was over.

We got back around 10:30 am. Stopped off at Safeway to pick up some lunch for me. I couldn't eat till a good half hour after my test. I didn't eat till around lunch time anyway. Patrick was home for the day, so we sat and watched a really good old movie.

I worked on my cross stitch while we watched TV. I also got some time in on Mturk. I have been moving along nicely lately.

Started going back to the left side to work on the flower pot. Filled in some fo the flowered area in the middle.

After goofing with Mturk, I worked on the bottom feather. I have about half of it appliqued down. I'm going to try and get it completely done. I'm looking at the photo and I'm going to fix that one feather on the right. It isn't "smooth" which means I have to fix it. lol

I had about an hour before I needed to fix supper. I decided I wanted to go downstairs and quilt on the butterfly quilt. I'm really going to try and get it done soon! This is the left side of the quilt (which I'm quilting upside down).

I was thrilled that I could roll it about 5". I was able to get this part done before going back upstairs. I will try and get more done tomorrow morning. I have another doctors appointment (not following the one today). The one tomorrow is a yearly follow up for my heart.

I've been doing great lately. I'm actually getting a few things done. I'm spending less time playing games and working on my projects. I've spend too much money this month is regards to more projects.

I did get my Brazilian embroidery newsletter and seminar information this weekend. I was figuring it out that it would cost me about $550 to go for the week. I'm not sure that's good or bad. I would like to go and learn some new things, but then I'm cheap and wonder if I should just go for a couple days. If I go for a couple days it will cost me about $250. So, compared to 6 days, it would be better in a way to go for the week. I don't know, still thinking on it. Want to go to a retreat this year, but may not after all. Patrick is talking about going back to MI to see his parents again. Not sure what we will do this year. Patrick has plenty of time that he has to use or loss this year as well.

When I was quilting downstairs I was thinking about when we lived in MD. Mom and her quilting friends would come over (when it was moms turn) and set a quilt frame in the middle of the room. They all quilted on each others quilts. There were 8 of them. They even quilted in the library showing visitors how to quilt. I remember learning from them. They would let me quilt on their quilts. I learned a lot from all of them. I often wonder if they are still quilting or if their time came to an end.

I have found myself reflecting on the past. I remember who taught me what and how I learned. I often wonder what happened to Patricia Margaret and Donna Slusser (not my cousin Donna). I knew them in Pullman and they taught a couple classes I took. I have been looking for them the last few years, but their website is out of date. I can't seem to find them and wonder if cancer took them after all.

I'm having a blast getting stuff done! I will take my applique with me to the doctors office tomorrow. I'm hoping to quilt more tomorrow as well. Hopefully the TV downstairs will work. We have been having TV issues lately. Patrick swapped TV's to see if it's the TV or if we have to call Comcast again. Time will tell.

I'm still here, and I'm still quilting. I'm happy to see things are getting worked on and getting done. It's a life I do enjoy! Happy Quilting!

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