Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello Monday!

I enjoyed my last day of sleeping in a little later than usual. Got up and got moving. I don't think I sat down long today. I did work on some of my games, but I did try to earn some more money too.

I also pulled out my 2 fabric applique and worked on the basting. Yep, I'm still basting it. I think half the problem is - it's not one of my favorite parts of making them. The basting takes a good day.

I have it all marked, so it's just threading my needle and basting. Threading my needle and basting, and threading my needle and basting.

I do have about half of it done. I'll sit down tonight and make myself get it done. I keep getting up and finding other things to do. I did get to sit and enjoy my FAVORITE movie! "Love Letters" on Hallmark channel! I love that movie!!

I had to get letters put together for our water system. Patrick put together a letter and I put them all in envelopes and have them ready to mail. That took a little longer than I was hoping - had to change the phone number on all the letters as Patrick had it wrong.

I was also getting the laundry going today. Need to keep up on it so I don't end up like last week and have to do it all day long.

I haven't been able to get to my quilt....ugh...or my cross stitch. Been trying to keep up on the other stuff that needs to get done.

I may try to get another letter done for "Letter from the Past." I really did enjoy the one from mom's Uncle while he lived in Alaska.

So, for a Monday, it came and went. Not exciting but not boring either.

Because I don't really have anything exciting, check out Kathy's Quilts. I love how she put her quilt blocks on the tree in the snow. I also loved her comment yesterday about how she looks at each day.
I'm quoting her here: "I say to myself: If this was my last day on the planet, would I be proud of the decisions I made, of how I treated the people in my life, , and of how I used my resources, including the most precious resource of all - time?" I love the way she looks at life. I find that I do the same, but I never thought of it in the way she does. Check out her websit.

Enjoy life and have a great day being Happy QUILTING!

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