Friday, March 18, 2016

A Day of Shopping!

Today I actually slept till 9 am.  Probably because I was up till midnight getting Patrick from Portland Airport. That means I didn't make it to walking today.

I worked on this last night while waiting on Patrick.

I also finished up this eagle head. I need to get the eyes on and then it will be done. I am working on the flower and leaves. Once that is done, the block is done. I will work on my block like this one for my dad next. I have a different background for his. I'm hoping to get started on that and I'm thinking of using the technique I used on the head. I did use an interfacing that worked out pretty good. The beak is "puffy" and looks cool. lol

Today was a shopping day - not a shopping day for quilting. I bought some clothes. I hate shopping for clothes but I needed them and we had a card for 20% off my entire order. So, I saved a good $40.

I'm still working on my projects....I need to finish the bowls downstairs, and the coasters. OH! Patrick said we needed some new coasters as well. I laughed because I knew that was what he would say. I have some batting cut for 3 sets. My list is getting done, slowly...and I need to get back to quilting! I need a lot of time! But then when I have time, I can't seem to work on stuff because my mind is off somewhere else as well. That's what makes it Happy Quilting!

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