Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Day With Mom

This morning I was up and ready to go walking. I didn't sleep very well at all, so I'm a little tired right now. That could be a good thing!

After our walk this morning I got ready and went to mom and dads. Mom hasn't been feeling good for over a week, so when I got there, she didn't look good. She is getting better, but was worn out. So, we didn't do any kits like she wanted to. We didn't even get a quilt set up for her because she just wasn't in the mood. We ended up watching my AQS class I ordered. It's Becky Campbell's applique. I love the technique she was using and I am going to try it! Mom thought her way was faster. But then mom is fast no matter what she does. I liked the class by Becky and am going to try it out with her pattern. After awhile I did get bored, so about 3:00 pm decided I better come home and then go bowling. I went to the store to get some food and came home. Stayed home for a short time before heading out to bowling.

Bowling wasn't my best, but I was consistent. I averaged a 154. Not my best, but a heck of a lot better then what I have been doing. I averaged 3 splits a game.

Mom and I picked out the head color for my eagle.

I finished the rod part last night.

I basted the flower and one of 4 leaves done. I didn't have a chance to work on the eagle today. I'm hoping to be able to work on it tomorrow and Friday. Hard to say, since Patrick is coming home tomorrow. I'm going to clean up and get ready to go get him.

I will update my book on my QOV projects and get moving on being Happy Quilting!

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