Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Day of Fun

I don't know if I'd really call it fun, but was having trouble with a title. Never was good at titles.

Today started out with another walk Afterwards came home and took everything out of the frig and cleaned it.

I even changed the shelves around. I didn't like the way it was before, and I love that this one can have shelves move to where they work for me. I washed it twice a year job.

While I was washing the frig, the sun was out. So, I went and opened up the house to get fresh air!

This was my view while I was washing out the frig.

I wanted to work on the Brazilian embroidery piece I got from my son and his wife. I finished up the leaves. I'm really liking the way it's coming along.

The smaller circles are for roses. I'm having fun with the bullions (sp). I have a couple more rows to do before it's done. I did get another row done. It's pretty. I love the colors Phil picked out.

I did get another walk in today. When we got back we checked out the hole that was growing in Ruth's yard. She called Lewis County to check it out. Would you believe they just filled it in?! It's a drainage area, and they filled in the hole. They did that last year as well. But this year it got another hole about a few feet from the first one. Of course they filled them both this time. The old hole was sinking too. Guess no one wants to do the job right....go figure. Makes me wonder what Lewis County Public Works does when things go wrong.

I appliqued some of the wing down today. I'll probably work on it here in a few minutes. I like how easy it is to applique it down.

Tomorrow is our group at moms. She's leaving early because she's judging somewhere. Think it's at the Grange, but not sure. She's judged quilts for over 35 years now.

Happy Quilting!!

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