Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Another Rainy Day And Quilting

Today we walked not once, but twice! We got in 4 miles.

Afterwards worked on a few things including laundry. Since I went walking at 1 pm it took a good chunk of my afternoon. I went downstairs after we got our walk in.

Started quilting at this area. I actually got part of the green done on both top pieces. Still have more go to. I think it will be easier if I roll it again to finish that up. I'll work on the right side of the quilt and then I'll roll it to be able to get to the green border and finish it up. THEN I will have the center complete.

I worked on the Cat Nap quilt top last night. I'm getting farther along with it. I think once I get this part done it will go faster. Looking forward to getting more done on here.

Tonight was bowling - and I bombed! I bowled under my 500 series. Not good, dropped another pin in my average.

Not one of my better days, but I'm still moving along with projects. One step at a time....Happy Quilting!


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