Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Enjoyed the Day to Myself...and Sunny!

Today I was able to sleep an extra half hour. I wanted to sleep more, but then my brain decided to think of stuff I needed to do. Never fails. Once I wake up, I'm thinking of what needs to be done.

I finished the laundry and played this morning. I even worked on the computer to earn some money. Then after that, I couldn't seem to get in the mood to work on anything. I thought about finishing the bowls downstairs, but it was just a thought.

I did get a few more things done on the cross stitch. I also had to take out some of my work. I have two colors that blend together quite a bit. It was hard to figure out if I had the right color or not. I did finish up the cat, and filled in a few areas that were missing. I'm having a little concern of going to the next page of my pattern. I always get worried that I'll miss the stitch and then end up taking out half my work. So far, I haven't had that problem. I'm working on the left side and hoping that will direct me to the top half of this design. I can't wait to get to the outline of this!

While I was grilling hamburgers, I went a took some photos of the plants out there.

This is the first tulip so far. More will be coming soon.

This is an interesting daffodil. I was surprised how it was so different from the rest.

Good news, the grapes are growing.

I was working on getting donations for our TAS Annual Meeting today. I found out the gal that said she would do the donations, hasn't even started yet and the meeting is May 3rd. So, I sent a couple of emails, and I'm happy to say, I got at least two donations! When they come in, I'll share with everyone what we have! I'm hoping a couple more will come in.

On top of that, Patrick brought me the letters that need to go out to my family for the family reunion. I'm getting ready to mail those out as well. I need to put them all in the envelopes and have them ready to mail tomorrow. Once I do that, then I will wait a week before posting it on the family page in Facebook. That way they will get a copy to give to other family members. It's amazing how many members don't know how to send me their addresses. lol

I received my email today saying I got the classes I wanted at the Brazilian embroidery seminar. I'm so happy I got all the classes I wanted! I'm taking "A Northwest Bird Feeder," "Dragon Fruit Cactus Flowers," "Tranquility," "Ruth's Farewell," and "Bird Stitching Help Session." I'm happy to be getting those. Those were the ones I really like out of all the choices we had. Now I have to get the floss to go with the class. My supply list is long, so I'm betting I'm going to be spending $200 just on floss! But that's usually how it works, if not embroidery, then with quilting fabric.

Next I'm going to work on the letters and then get back to the cross stitch. Tomorrow I will try to go downstairs and be Happy Quilting!

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