Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dear Brother!

Today is my younger brother's Birthday. Patrick, I hope you had an awesome Birthday, even if it was gardening! lol Love you!

The day he retired!

Family Reunion - Dad, Mom, Chris, me, and Patrick. That's the order it went in the family. lol  Best wishes on your Birthday! Think of you often.

As for quilting today, I've been working on the "Cat Nap" quilt top. I'm almost done! I have the firefly left to work on. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow and post it.

I'm a lot farther on this one. Same photo as yesterday - tomorrow will have the finish project. I worked on it all afternoon.

We had to go up to Costco today. We got our shopping done there, then came home. Watched a movie already today and watching another one. One would be surprised at me, I haven't been playing games like I usually do. I really need to get the wall hanging done, and can't wait to finish it.

I'm ready to get back to the eagle. Need to get it over to Donna this week.

Updated my calendar to have my classes added. I'm also going to demo hand quilting next month. April is filling up - mostly with classes. I do have meetings to attend as well. We are getting ready for the TAS annual meeting.

Things are going fast...including the time....and I'm still here, Happy Quilting.

A Day Of Quilting With Friends

Today I was up - or at least worked at getting up. My back was killing me all night. Had Patrick put some rub on my back before he left this...