Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday - May you have a great Easter!

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Found this on the internet! Just had to post it.

Today started out early. I wanted to try and sleep in, but wasn't so lucky! I played some games before finally showering at 11 am. Patrick was beginning to wonder if I was going to be in my PJ's all day. Love taking my time getting moving on the weekends.

Patrick BBQ'd ribs. We had a good meal! I even baked some shortbread for our strawberry short cake.

We watched two Elvis movies this afternoon, which gave me time to work on the cross stitch. I did figure out that my two pinks got mixed up. I'm doing the flowers in dark pink when they were light pink with dark pink as the shading. I'm okay with the switch. I just hope it will look okay when I do the outlining. I will find out when this is all done. I do like the way it shows in the photo, so can't complain. Really don't want to go and take out all those flowers I did already.

We went bowling tonight and I'm betting back to normal - 170, 183 (tied with Patrick) and 199. We took 3 games.

Got home and fixed whipping cream for the strawberry short cakes. We fixed up a bowl and just eat that. It was really good! Now I'm full - and I did a 'No-No" by eating past 6:30 pm but oh well, it was a special occasion.

Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery. We will be working on scissor fobs. I'm excited about working on those. We are making them for Seminar in June. I'm excited about going to Seminar! I think I got the classes I wanted. I haven't heard yet. I will have to buy a LOT of threads though. Saving my money to pay for all the supplies I'm going to need.

Happy Quilting!

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