Monday, March 7, 2016

My Daughter's Birthday!

Today we got in our 2.5 mile walk. We had a great walk just before it started to rain again. I recorded the rain from yesterday, and will post that when I figure out how to get it off my phone.

I started laundry before I left for my walk. Then I did laundry all morning. I also got in some vacuuming. I couldn't believe how much trash was in the vacuum! Then again, I hadn't vacuumed in a few days.

Lynn & Katt Wiltzius
My beautiful daughter's Birthday is TODAY! I couldn't ask for a better daughter! I do miss her. This photo is a couple years old, but she's still the beauty! We chatted on the phone a couple times today! She was baking her own cupcakes. She wanted to get her favorite frosting recipe. We had a good chat and laugh.

As the day slowed down, I watched TV and worked on the Cat Nap quilt.

The cat is coming to life. I am getting a little tired of the flowers, but that most of the quilt. I will try to get more done by Thursday....actually I need to get it done by then.

I do like the way it's coming out.

Our secretary of the bowling league called and said we need to be at the bowling alley early next week to make up for the games we missed. We'll all be finishing our games, then bowling for the week. Funny part is that I have to bowl on the travel league as I'll be bowling 7 games next week. Not sure I'm thrilled about that, but oh well.

Wishing my niece and her family my best. Her son is having some kinds of problem. Not sure what it is because I only get to see posts once in awhile on Facebook. I don't get told much.

All's good here, and I'm busy with cleaning and quilting. I'm happy with the way things are going. I just need to keep on track.....Happy Quilting!

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