Saturday, March 19, 2016

Patrick is Back...And So Is Busy Saturdays

Hard to believe, but Patrick was up before me this morning. He was ready to go to the casino. We spent the morning at the casino.

We stopped off at mom and dads to pick up the tickets for the Barber Shop Quartet. We stopped at the store for a few things and headed to the concert. Mom and dad couldn't make it because mom was still sick. Patrick and I enjoyed the performance. It turned out great.

So, today I haven't done much in the way of applique or projects.

I got the flower done as well as one and a half of the leaves. I have two more leaves to put on and then I will work on the eye. Depending on tomorrow, depends on what I can get done. So far it's good. I'm almost going to be sad when it's done. I've taken so long to get it done. Almost like one of my kids. lol

I will work on the next one as soon as this is done. I have the fabrics and stuff I want to do for the next one. I have a lot of ideas for the next one.

One thing leads to lets see what I actually do....when I'm done with this one?.....there is a LONG list of stuff I've got started that need we will see.....Happy Quilting!

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