Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Peace, Quiet, and Applique!

Today I started out with 2.5 miles. Came home and worked on the computer. I enjoyed my day by myself. It was quiet and I was just relaxing. It's one of those weeks where there isn't much scheduled and I'm loving every minute of it.

Ruth called at 1 pm to go walking again. So, we walked another 1.5 miles. That's the one we call our "short" walk. Both of us hit our 10,000 steps by the time we reached her house. I would have reached that yesterday, but my fitbit went into sleep mode and I lost a couple thousand steps.

This was were I ended up last night. I'm getting there I do like the way it's coming along. Just have a couple more days to get this done.

I was working on seeing the TV shows I don't get to see at night. Patrick likes his shows and won't watch mine. I only got about 1 1/2 hours in this afternoon though. I'll work on it tonight and see where I am tomorrow.

Got a text from Donna and she's having a blast at her retreat in PA. They have already finished 2 quilt tops. Betting she has more done by now. Knowing Donna, she'll have at least 2 tops done by the time she comes back.

Patrick and I ended up pulling the frig out and cleaning behind it. We vacuumed up the dust that was under and behind it. I was thrilled to have it done! Took a good hour - because of how picky Patrick is about mopping the floor and waiting till it dries. No worries, it's back where it belongs and clean!

Computer telling me there is more work available, so I think I'm going to go and make some more money! - In the meantime Happy Quilting!

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