Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So Much For TRYING To Plan My Day!

Today started out as usual, except I didn't get to walk. I was all ready to go out and walk at 7:15 am, till I went for my coat - Rain yet again. We changed it to 9 am, nope, still rain. We were able to get our walk in, but it was at 1 pm this afternoon. We did a short walk.

I did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and worked on the computer. All that in-between going to help the neighbor up off the floor and helping Ruth with her computer. Good thing I wasn't going anywhere today...I think.

The afternoon, I got my tea and headed downstairs.

Decided it was time to clean up my mess! I was tired of going down there to find this mess.

So, I picked stuff up and put it away, throw away papers I didn't need anymore, and folded the fabrics to put away.

And of course I got side tracked!! I figured I better get working on the coasters and thread catchers for the TAS Annual Meeting in May. I have to make 4 sets of coasters and 4 thread catchers. I decided to use the Japanese fabrics that were on the counter.

I cut and sewed 2 sets of coasters together. Now I'm half way there! This is the colors that I used. The blue in the front is the background fabric of both of the coasters. I will figure out what I'm going to use for the other two later. I even started sewing the lines on the bowls I had set to work on as well. I didn't finish those. I did cut 2 more thread catchers. I had 2 of them done already, so all I have to do now for all 4 of those is sew up the sides and put the buttons on the flaps.

By the time I was done doing all that, I had the room looking a heck of a lot better than it was. The BIG question now is How Long Will It Last?! I tend to pile up the stuff on my counter!

I found my fabric for my father's quilt I need to work on after this eagle is done.

The body of the eagle is down. I have the head to put on, as well as a flower and leaves to go next to the arrows. I'll work on that tonight.

I worked on the pole knob last night. It was about 11 pm when I decided to call it a night. It's funny how I tend to stay up when Patrick isn't around. I do miss Charlie at times like this. Dirty Persian came to my door, so I gave him/her some milk. He was still at my steps when I was cleaning up after supper. Might get that cat to like me yet! lol

I did get a lot done today...just not what I was hoping for. I enjoyed being back downstairs working on my stuff. I posted my finishes on Instagram.

Was watching "Celtic Thunder Legacy" just now. That was an awesome show! I enjoy the Celtic music.

I filled out my form for the TAS board votes. I was surprised to find two of the gals I quit the board with are back on it. Thinking we should have just stayed on it, if that's what they were going to do. No worries. Glad to see them there and will support them. May try to get back on the board again in a year or two - if they are still running.

Just tired to see a show but now I see all there is out there is the Campaign garbage. Funny how they determine who wins before the Western states can even vote. Don't know why the West even votes when the Eastern states are the ones the determine who wins. Oh, well, I still vote every election.

Heading back to the eagle. Want to finish it and get it to Donna - yea, I know, been saying that for two week. May get there yet! Happy Quilting!

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