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Another Day of Fun

I don't know if I'd really call it fun, but was having trouble with a title. Never was good at titles.

Today started out with another walk Afterwards came home and took everything out of the frig and cleaned it.

I even changed the shelves around. I didn't like the way it was before, and I love that this one can have shelves move to where they work for me. I washed it twice a year job.

While I was washing the frig, the sun was out. So, I went and opened up the house to get fresh air!

This was my view while I was washing out the frig.

I wanted to work on the Brazilian embroidery piece I got from my son and his wife. I finished up the leaves. I'm really liking the way it's coming along.

The smaller circles are for roses. I'm having fun with the bullions (sp). I have a couple more rows to do before it's done. I did get another row done. It's pretty. I love the colors Phil picked out.

I did get another walk in today. When we got back we checked out …

A Little Bit Of This And That

This morning I woke with a headache. That was 3:45 am! I took pain killers and went back to bed....didn't get any more sleep though. After Patrick got up, I got up. We walked another 2.5 miles. Ruth and I had a good visit and got caught up on her Easter.

Came home and worked on the rest of the letters I didn't get done yesterday. I even got the Avery program to make labels. Word didn't have the labels I needed, so went to there website and was thrilled to find this program. I made labels for both the family reunion and for us. Texted my two brothers and let them know the letters were going out tomorrow. Since our family is putting this on, I got the fun part of putting the letters together.

Once that was done, I went downstairs and pulled out the eagle pieces I started the other day.

I decided to start on the wings.

I am doing the technique I learned on Rebecca Campbell's class. I used the glue stick to get the edges down.

Once that was done, I pinned the top and botto…

Enjoyed the Day to Myself...and Sunny!

Today I was able to sleep an extra half hour. I wanted to sleep more, but then my brain decided to think of stuff I needed to do. Never fails. Once I wake up, I'm thinking of what needs to be done.

I finished the laundry and played this morning. I even worked on the computer to earn some money. Then after that, I couldn't seem to get in the mood to work on anything. I thought about finishing the bowls downstairs, but it was just a thought.

I did get a few more things done on the cross stitch. I also had to take out some of my work. I have two colors that blend together quite a bit. It was hard to figure out if I had the right color or not. I did finish up the cat, and filled in a few areas that were missing. I'm having a little concern of going to the next page of my pattern. I always get worried that I'll miss the stitch and then end up taking out half my work. So far, I haven't had that problem. I'm working on the left side and hoping that will direct me to t…

One Quick Day!

Today started out without a walk. I got my stuff ready for my Brazilian Embroidery group meeting. I got on the computer before I had to leave. I wanted to get a few things done before heading out.

Arrived at our meeting. We were making scissor fobs for the seminar in June. The scissor fobs we got done look great and are a little longer than some. We are working on 125. We were able to get 37 done, once we figured out who was doing what. It went great. I didn't think of taking photos. We will be doing more next time as well. The fun part is that we will be making  a few extras for those of us that are going to seminar and we will be making at least one each.

This piece hasn't gotten anything added to it. I may work on it this week. Hard to say.

Today was just one of those days. I got home, ate lunch, worked on the bookkeeping. I do our BFF group, the water, and our checkbook. Once I got that all done, I was working on the laundry as well. I walked down and got the mail for our …

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday - May you have a great Easter!

Found this on the internet! Just had to post it.

Today started out early. I wanted to try and sleep in, but wasn't so lucky! I played some games before finally showering at 11 am. Patrick was beginning to wonder if I was going to be in my PJ's all day. Love taking my time getting moving on the weekends.

Patrick BBQ'd ribs. We had a good meal! I even baked some shortbread for our strawberry short cake.

We watched two Elvis movies this afternoon, which gave me time to work on the cross stitch. I did figure out that my two pinks got mixed up. I'm doing the flowers in dark pink when they were light pink with dark pink as the shading. I'm okay with the switch. I just hope it will look okay when I do the outlining. I will find out when this is all done. I do like the way it shows in the photo, so can't complain. Really don't want to go and take out all those flowers I did already.

We went bowling tonight and I…

Keeping Busy for a Saturday!

Woke early this morning. We headed to the casino and played for awhile. Then came home. I mopped the floor and vacuumed before heading out to meet my brother and parents for dad's Birthday celebration. We waited for my sister-in-law and then headed north to the Falls Terrace Restaurant. It was expensive! They raised the prices and the menu changed. It was good food, but very expensive.

We came back to my parents and played card games.

Last night I worked in this area.

I was able to get a lot more stitches in. This is only the bottom half of the design. I'm going to have to work at getting the top part done. I'm hoping I don't get off track and have to take out what I put in. Sometimes when there is little connection from the top and bottom halves it's easy to get off track.

I'm still working on my baskets when I get the chance. I want to start the eagle for my dad next too. I've been thinking about how I am going to get started.

May we all be Happy Quilting…

Keeping Busy.....Finished a New Project Already!

This morning was up bright and early. We walked our 2.4 miles. I got back in the house and thought about what I was going to do. I worked on the computer for awhile.

Then headed downstairs to work on my "bag" for my lightbox. I didn't have a pattern. I just thought about what I needed to do and went from there.

I took the protective sheet downstairs to get an idea of what I wanted to make.

I had some fabric that has been in my "stash" for several years. I haven't been able to find fabrics that would go with it, so I even thought about giving it away. I liked it, so it just sat in my stash. I decided this would be perfect for it. I then went through my other fabrics to find a piece that would work with it - not actually go with it, but be close. To my surprise I found one. I had to add a strip to it, because the original fabric wasn't wide enough.

I got started on it, till it was time to go walking again. We walked another 1.8 miles. We both hit 10,000 s…

Relaxing...When I Could.....

This morning was a very early morning. I was up at 6:15 am so I could get ready and walk with Ruth. I had a doctors appointment, so I had to be ready to to leave after our walk. We walked 2.5 miles this morning and I was off.

I made it to the doctors about 5 mins before I was due. A shock came when they called me right in. Even another big shock was when the doctor came in right away as well. So, now I have to keep a record of my back pains...ugh. Then I headed over to the pharmacy for my medications. One of them wasn't approved yet, so I talked with the gal and got everything worked out. No medications came home with me, which was fine with me.

Headed to the quilt group meeting. We had a potluck going on. I didn't have anything to take since I was at the doctors. When I arrived I said I would go and get meat if we needed it. While I was there, I picked up the bolt of fabric! I also bought some batting hat I need for the bag I'm going to make for my lightbox.

It will work …

Sorry Missed A Day....

Yesterday was one of those days that I was going from the time I got up till the time I went to bed. It was my day with Art at the Red Wing Casino in Yelm. After I got home I was off again. Didn't get any projects done.

Today started out with walking 2.83 miles. Ruth was doing pretty good today. We talked about yesterday and how her family is doing.

Got home and worked on some computer work. Got laundry in today as well.

I worked on the cross stitch this afternoon. I want to get this going. Got a few more stitches in. Filled in some areas that were missing some crosses. I have more that needs to be done, then I can start working on the upper part.

I also worked on the registration for our TAS meeting in May. I have been working on the registration.

I also got the list of family members in our send them a letter for the family reunion. I got the job of sending out letters for the family reunion. I'm working on fixing a few addresses and then I'll get them out a…

Getting Set Up for the Next Project

This morning I went to pick up Ruth for walking. When I arrived she didn't look 100% herself and said she couldn't walk. Come to find out, her son, Jim, passed away this morning. He was fighting lung cancer. She did get to see him Saturday. She changed her mind while I was there and we took a short walk. 1.85 miles. We talked about all kinds of things. Got her mind off it and away from the phone. Told her if she needed to get away from the phone, she could bring her crocheting up to my place. One of her friends came over in the afternoon to be with her. I offered but she said she would be fine. She's a strong lady!

After getting home, I started laundry and I worked on the computer. In the afternoon I brought out the lightbox.

I copied the eagle pattern I just finished. The original is on freezer paper. As I was copying it, I realized I didn't have enough paper to do the whole thing. I cut the paper in half and marked it. Then I decided I needed to do another one on fre…

Finished the Eagle Block!

Today I was up early and ready to enjoy my time. I spent the morning enjoying games and working on the computer.

I got started on the laundry. I even washed my bag that was getting really dirty. There was a spot that didn't come out in the wash, but that's okay, I may try to get it out later. Now my bag is a lot cleaner then it was.

I finished the leaves last night and worked on the eye of my eagle today.

It takes up the bed!

Took several angles of it for photos.

I sent Donna a text with the photo and told her I would drop it off Tuesday. I like the way it turned out. I have a few things that I can change on the next one. Dad wanted to see it before I took it to Donna. He said he wanted me to make him one for a flag in his garage. Not making one for the garage, but will make one for him through QOV. I will work on his quilt next. He won't know it's for him.

After I finished the eagle and while cleaning my bag - I found this block that needed to have the leaves on it. S…

Patrick is Back...And So Is Busy Saturdays

Hard to believe, but Patrick was up before me this morning. He was ready to go to the casino. We spent the morning at the casino.

We stopped off at mom and dads to pick up the tickets for the Barber Shop Quartet. We stopped at the store for a few things and headed to the concert. Mom and dad couldn't make it because mom was still sick. Patrick and I enjoyed the performance. It turned out great.

So, today I haven't done much in the way of applique or projects.

I got the flower done as well as one and a half of the leaves. I have two more leaves to put on and then I will work on the eye. Depending on tomorrow, depends on what I can get done. So far it's good. I'm almost going to be sad when it's done. I've taken so long to get it done. Almost like one of my kids. lol

I will work on the next one as soon as this is done. I have the fabrics and stuff I want to do for the next one. I have a lot of ideas for the next one.

One thing leads to lets see what…

A Day of Shopping!

Today I actually slept till 9 am.  Probably because I was up till midnight getting Patrick from Portland Airport. That means I didn't make it to walking today.

I worked on this last night while waiting on Patrick.

I also finished up this eagle head. I need to get the eyes on and then it will be done. I am working on the flower and leaves. Once that is done, the block is done. I will work on my block like this one for my dad next. I have a different background for his. I'm hoping to get started on that and I'm thinking of using the technique I used on the head. I did use an interfacing that worked out pretty good. The beak is "puffy" and looks cool. lol

Today was a shopping day - not a shopping day for quilting. I bought some clothes. I hate shopping for clothes but I needed them and we had a card for 20% off my entire order. So, I saved a good $40.

I'm still working on my projects....I need to finish the bowls downstairs, and the coasters. OH! Patrick said we…

Hello Sunshine!

Today was a good day for a walk. Got in 2.5 miles this morning. I'm so close to having 10,000 step right now! And I didn't walk in the afternoon!

I enjoyed the morning to myself. Not what I would like to get used to, but I did get some cleaning done. Between vacuuming, laundry, and mopping floors, I did watch two really good movies on TCM. Since it's St. Patrick's Day - there were a lot of good movies about the Irish.

I wanted to try the technique that Becky Campbell uses for her applique. I found it takes the same amount of time as it does back basting. I love both techniques. I am going to try and use this one more often though. I like the fact that I could put the pieces together (applique them down) and place it, THEN applique it down. I did add an interface to the back of these. I wanted to make sure the brown didn't come through. Then I remembered, this interface washing out. So, I don't know if that will help or hurt the design. Time will tell.

I have app…

A Day With Mom

This morning I was up and ready to go walking. I didn't sleep very well at all, so I'm a little tired right now. That could be a good thing!

After our walk this morning I got ready and went to mom and dads. Mom hasn't been feeling good for over a week, so when I got there, she didn't look good. She is getting better, but was worn out. So, we didn't do any kits like she wanted to. We didn't even get a quilt set up for her because she just wasn't in the mood. We ended up watching my AQS class I ordered. It's Becky Campbell's applique. I love the technique she was using and I am going to try it! Mom thought her way was faster. But then mom is fast no matter what she does. I liked the class by Becky and am going to try it out with her pattern. After awhile I did get bored, so about 3:00 pm decided I better come home and then go bowling. I went to the store to get some food and came home. Stayed home for a short time before heading out to bowling.


So Much For TRYING To Plan My Day!

Today started out as usual, except I didn't get to walk. I was all ready to go out and walk at 7:15 am, till I went for my coat - Rain yet again. We changed it to 9 am, nope, still rain. We were able to get our walk in, but it was at 1 pm this afternoon. We did a short walk.

I did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and worked on the computer. All that in-between going to help the neighbor up off the floor and helping Ruth with her computer. Good thing I wasn't going anywhere today...I think.

The afternoon, I got my tea and headed downstairs.

Decided it was time to clean up my mess! I was tired of going down there to find this mess.

So, I picked stuff up and put it away, throw away papers I didn't need anymore, and folded the fabrics to put away.

And of course I got side tracked!! I figured I better get working on the coasters and thread catchers for the TAS Annual Meeting in May. I have to make 4 sets of coasters and 4 thread catchers. I decided to use the Japanese fabr…