Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Day of "Not Much" and Frogging!

I was up around 7:30/8 am. I was enjoying my time with Heyhey and my tablet. Before I knew it, I was falling asleep in my chair with Heyhey on my lap. Next thing I know it's 10:30 am. Guess I was still tired. Though I didn't feel like it.

I got the stuff out to make a milk. Had Patrick pick up some groceries.

Dad gave me these books that mom sent over. I'm thrilled. There are some really good ideas in there and I may do the needle case from here. Not sure.

This is a "before" and "after" photo The before is before I had to rip out what I put in. I was off on my stitches, and I found I was off on the color (bottom part). So, I took it out and am putting it back together. I have a few more to go and then it will be back to what I had before I was taking it out.

Think Heyhey was tired of me working. I also think she's still "gun shy" after taking her to the vet yesterday. She's been very jumpy.

When Patrick got home with the groceries, I was able to make the "Lazy Days Cake" that was his mom's recipe and one of his favorites. Hard to believe we are coming up to a year of her passing. Oh, I hope she's looking down on us in a good light.

Happy Stitching!

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