Thursday, March 9, 2017

Enjoying friends at Our TAS Meeting

This morning I didn't have to take care of Cherrill, so I decided to sleep such luck! Kitty was meowing outside...brought her in, went back to bed...and she drove me nuts!

When I was getting up, I had a text from Patrick, "Call me when you get up." So, I did. So - before I say what he told me, I need to explain about last night. We left the garage door open when we went bowling - for Kitty to go in when she was ready. Got home and she was not in the garage, but the food in the bowl was gone. So, I filled the bowl and called Kitty. No Kitty, so I shut the garage door. At bedtime I was just getting ready to go to bed when Kitty meowed at the door. I got up, went and took her out to the garage......noticed the food was eaten.....what the heck! I looked around, nothing. So, I shut Kitty in the garage.

Back to the phone call....Patrick said, "We have a PROBLEM." Not knowing what that was, I said, "Ok, what?" He then told me we went to let Kitty out of the garage and there was THREE cats sitting in the garage. I was then informed that we are not a "cat heaven" and they are not going to live in his garage. (I agree). So, one took off as quick as the door opened, one hid, and Kitty just sat there watching it all. So, when I heard that, I went out and made a LOT of noise to make sure the other cat wasn't in the garage, then shut the door.

All that excitement! Then I headed to the quilt meeting at the shop. Whalen Quilt Works has had us in the shop for the past 5 years. We had 7 of us showing up. I gave Barb my quilt top, backing and batting. I hope the King size sheet is big enough! I didn't measure. I also took my Aida fabric (greens) for her to pick what she needed.

I worked on the wings of the eagles I'm working on. This is two sets of wings that I was able to get done. I bought a white on white with polka dots. I'll use that on the head and tale. I'll probably do those tomorrow at mom's house when we have the next meeting. I'm not sure if that group is going to continue on with TAS or not. It will be interesting to find out. Our group may not continue under the TAS logo.

Got home and worked on my sourdough bread. I've got it ready for 2 small loaves and will take one tomorrow to bake at mom's home.

I also took Kitty out of the garage. She couldn't figure out why I didn't leave the door open because when she was looking at me, it was a look of "can I come out now?"

I got my quilt back from Whalen Quilt Works today. I had taken the sleeve with me because I wanted to give it to Rita, but she gave me my quilt back. I came home and worked on putting the sleeve on. I wanted to work on my cross stitch, but I need to get the sleeve on this. No time better to do it, then now.

I was surprised at what all was taken from my box I took to the quilters. They seems to like what I had. Sue took the quilt I was working on by hand. I had some of the fabric and stuff there, plus that scrap quilt had two rows done.

This is the quilt I finally gave up on and gave to Sue. She wanted it. I'm happy to see it going to a good home. There was a lot done on this, so she can get a lot more done to finish a quilt. I'm happy it's gone. So, I will remove the label for this quilt because it is no longer with me.

The stuff the group didn't take will be taken to mom's group and they can take what they want.

Happy Quilting!!

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