Saturday, March 25, 2017

Guess I Missed Another Day...

I realized this morning, I forgot to post my blog yesterday....actually didn't do it. Shame on me!

Yesterday Patrick took the day off. I was doing okay, so we decided to get a few things done. We took stuff to the "Visiting Nurses" here in town. Then we got a gift for my daughter in law and sent that off, hoping she'd get it today, but thinking she won't get it till Monday. We then headed up to Olympia and Patrick bought himself a really nice tool box. After that we went to Costco and only bought about 6 things. One being kitty litter. It's cheaper at Costco. Our day was busy.

Came home and I was able to work on my Beautiful Sea SAL before my parents arrived.

I was able to work on the octopus. It's coming along great. I hope to finish the parts that are out there. Then I'll go back to the challenge. I'm almost to the point where I may let the challenge go and start on Katt's stocking. Not sure, but time will tell.

We went out to dinner for Dad's Birthday celebration. We do that all the time. He's Birthday isn't for a couple more days, but he picked this weekend to go out.

Today started out with me going to work. I put in about an hour and a half. Then came home to go out to the casino. Patrick was happy to be going again. We came home with more money then we went with, so it was a good day. We were there for four hours.

Came home to wait and see if my nephew was in town. They hadn't showed up yet. Since they were not here and we were not going to my parents for dinner, we decided to go out. We got a quick meal and then went to the movie "Beauty and the Beast" which I loved. Patrick didn't think it was as good as I thought it was. He did like it though.

Heyhey was keeping watch on the house. She's fun to watch!

It's been a busy two days...and things are getting, I'm off to being Happy Stitching!

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