Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilt Meeting Friday

Today I was up earlier than usual. Couldn't sleep much last night. Thought of a lot of things through the night.

"HayHay" is Kitty, or at least I'm trying to get her called that. We spent some time together before I headed out. I had a few things I wanted to do this morning. When I let her out, and got in the car, she was at the garage door looking at why it wasn't open. I went to open it for her but she wouldn't go in, so the door was shut while I was gone. She didn't like that. As soon as I got home, she came running.

I went to Safeway to get some cupcakes because my phone popped up that one of the members Birthday was today....she didn't show up. I then went to Staples to get some copies made for the Precious Moments cross stitch that I started years ago. The gal there wouldn't make copies for me because she wanted me to use the copy machines that where there. I told her I had gotten bigger copies before. She the took her card and I used it to make copies. I must have wasted just as many pages as I kept. UGH

So, now I'm all set. When I came home, I marked all the areas that I had already done. I didn't have as much done as I thought I did. That's okay, it should go fast once I get back to it. It is a big piece though.

Then I headed over to the folks. I arrived at their house at 9:20 am and there were already 4 people there! We used to start quilting at 10 am, but now everyone has to be "early" to moms. It's almost like a contest to see who can be there first. I hate it because I actually like to have time with my folks before they come. So, today wasn't one of those days.

I really didn't get much done. I did go through some old newspaper clippings of embroidery work. I brought 4 of them home. I'm going to design some embroidery pieces to do for the envelope bags. I want to do a couple of them for Sandy and Jeanette. I have till Seminar to get them done. I think I can do it. I just need to find the fabric down there that I want to do it on. I'll try to do that on Monday when we have our meeting. Then I can pick the colors I want for them. I will also have to figure out the stitches I will use. I'm actually excited about designing something like this.

Came home and baked another sourdough bread.

I also got back to working on Nantucket Rose. I'm hoping to have her done this weekend, but at this rate that may not happen. Patrick wants to go out and I was called back into work tomorrow. So, tomorrow afternoon Patrick will go to the movies and I'll go to work for Carol. Then Sunday is a day of bowling....ugh. This weekend is going to be really busy and not sure I want to be that busy.

So, while I sit her with HayHay on my lap, I'm going to get closer to getting Nantucket Rose done, and think about the envelope bags! Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching!!

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