Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning - Started.....

This morning I was up early. Funny how I couldn't seem to go back to sleep. While I was in the shower Cherrill called and asked me to wait an hour before going over. That woke Patrick - he took the day off. LOL

After going to Cherrill's, we started cleaning the bedroom. We took everything off the dressers and we moved the bed. We vacuumed and dusted (yep, dusted, that job I HATE!) We cleaned everything thing out and I even washed the curtains. When we were done, Patrick said, "One down, 22 more go to." Then he looked in the computer room and said that was next. - That will be an all day task! There is more stuff in there - and like I said before - paper is the worst thing ever made!

Patrick then went outside and worked in the yard. I cleaned up my sewing room - A LITTLE.

I found this in my stuff. I made this when Phillip was little. I think I made it for Katt, but never did finish it. Then I thought I would keep it and give it to a grandchild - which doesn't look like that will happen, so not sure who will get it.

I put my Maderia threads in one container. This was what I got when I bought the Lamplight cross stitch. At least they all fit in this one.

So, I have both sets of floss in the one box and it is all in one place.

 Then went outside with the computer and embroidery.

I worked on the flower that I had from that pattern. I'm not sure it's coming out the way I wanted, but it is looking good. I'll probably do the next flower in pink. Don't think my plan to have some envelope bags for my friends will come true. It was a good thought though.

Heyhey was keeping an eye on Patrick.

When Patrick started mowing the yard, I came back in the house.

I was actually watching Flosstube videos. Both the gals I picked to watch were an hour long. I try to keep mine at 30 mins because I know after so long, we tend to want to find something else to do. So, I was getting there too, but kept thinking something good was yet to come. In some cases that's true. I ended one of them early because Patrick came in.

I worked on more of the stocking. I got an email saying my floss is on the way. Hopefully that means Monday. I really do want to get that white coloring in there. I did find some glossy floss that might work, but want to see what the floss comes looks like.

We then went to the movies - "Boss Baby" which turned out really good. I did enjoy it. What I didn't enjoy was the family behind us that had someone kicking my chair, then pulling on my chair every time they got up and left. Drove me crazy! But I was able to get most of the movie in. I bit my tongue and didn't tell them what I was thinking!

Now we're home. I'll get more done on the stocking. Best wishes - Happy Stitching!

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