Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Trials of "A COLD"

It's been a month since I started this "journey" of a cold. It started out as a minor cold, feeling no pain and no worries. Just congestion. I did what most of us do, figured it was fine, I can do this. I behaved and didn't do much for about a week. I stayed away from friends and family for 2 weeks.

That was the way to go! DON'T share was on my mind. I felt a lot better. I did have a "slight" cough, but that's okay, I was taking OTC drugs for it. No worries. I was going bowling, to meetings, and doing fine.

Then last weekend I thought I was I thought! I went out on Saturday, and bowled twice on worries, I was feeling better....NOT.

Monday hit and I was stuffed up! Big Time! I stayed home and "babied" myself. All week I was calling Ruth to take care of Cherrill. We had planned on going to lunch on Friday. Needless to say that didn't happen.

Tuesday brought on the coughing....not good. I started coughing more. That's the coughing that one starts asking for God's help to stop it. It's painful and loud. I'm one of those who coughs from the chest. Deep coughs. I was even up chucking the flem by Thursday night. While one waits for the toilet to reload - of course it takes awhile because you want to flush it again, right away! By then  I was coughing all day and night! No sleep! Tried to get sleep but was only able to get an hour at a time. I would go to the couch so hubby could get some sleep. Poor guy didn't need me coughing in his ears every hour! Not good. Had hubby go get some Robitussin on Friday morning! Every 4 hours I was taking the stuff. It helped. More than I thought it would and a lot quicker! I was able to get more sleep last night. I could get 4 hours at a time with sleeping - a lot better than 1 hour. I've also been going through cola like water! It seems to help...hard to believe, but it does.

So, today, I'm feeling better, not yet 100%, but at this rate getting there. My ribs are soar and I'm popping my ears, but life is good.

Trials of a cold is just that, a trial. -- I should have done something sooner, I could have....etc. I didn't and I'm paying for it. That's part of Life. Because of all this CRAP, I'm sorry to say, I haven't done much of anything. I tried to finish Nantucket Rose - which I finally did last night! I'll show it when I get a good photo. I have vacuuming that NEEDS to be done, plus the kitchen needs oh,'s having to wait.

Now, I need to behave - re-coop and get back to being what one would call normal. I hope this finds all of you still Happy Stitching!

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