Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

As I sit and write this, I'm catching up on some Christmas movies I missed earlier. The funny part is - it's snowing. We didn't get snow for Christmas, but we are getting it now.

I have been quilting on my Hawaiian quilt the past 3 nights, and it's coming along great. I will post photos when I get back from Las Vegas (another story to tell). I've had to rethink where to quilt, because I was getting ahead of myself. So, I'm back on track and things are going great.

I have been working on the Baltimore Liberty quilt blocks as well. I have learned a lot with the back basting technique and find I am liking it!  It seems to make the stems go so much faster. It does take time to baste it, but with small pieces it does help a lot. I am taking photos as I go, so will post those after the first of the year.

Okay, I will be gone till the 8th. My son will be here, so no worries, and wonderful neighbors that know what is going on in the neighborhood.

I am going to see my brother and his family. We are going to celebrate his retirement from the Air Force. He spent at least 22 years in the Air Force. He will also be starting a new job as a pilot - his love of flying. We are all proud and wish him all our love.

We will be spending time with my parents, as they are going with us. We will also be with my Uncle and Aunt. Should be wonderful.

I'm hoping to hit a few quilt shops and will let you know what I end up with! lol

One of my quilts it at the Vashion Island Art Museum with  few of the TAS quilters quilts. If you ever get the chance to go - please do and let me know how it goes.

In the meantime....I'm Happy Quilting.....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter comes and goes

Looks like I can post photos again. lol

Winter hit yesterday and the day before for a short time. Now it's raining and good weather for quilting and other stuff.

The last week I have been trying to decide whether it was worth paying $2 a month for photos. I actually decided I would. Then just now I was able to post photos. Go figure.

Okay the last week, I have been working on the afghan that was originally started for my daughter's ex-fiance. I couldn't think of anyone to give it to, until I was thinking of my father. My father is a sweet heart, the best out there. He would do anything for anyone. Since he moved out of the house on 10 acres and gave up his Black Angus cows, it's getting harder to figure out what to give him for Christmas. He is half Norwegian and loves to eat (and it shows), so decided food was out. He doesn't farm anymore, so tools are out. He doesn't use gift cards because he forgets he has them and they go to waste. So, the more I thought, the more complicated it got. As I was working on this afghan I decided it would work for him. He can keep warm when he sits in front of the TV or just wants to relax.

The 10 single crochet stitches were "hooked" together. It gave it a knit stitch look. I did this to all the chain stitches to finish up the afghan. It really turned out great. I will take a photo of it later, as it is completed.

In the meantime, I had to put the Hawaiian quilt on hold. At least I finished another project, and that is one more out of the way.

I did get closer to working on the corner of the quilt -

Each step gets me closer to being done, and I REALLY want to have it done by April when we have our TAS retreat.

I've been working on the Baltimore Liberty quilt top. I've also been pretty good about keeping up in the journal as well. I have been known to go back a couple days and update the journal though.

This block is the fireworks block from P3's Baltimore Liberty. I have been doing the back basting and find it works great for small pieces. I am going to replace the read in the block because I cut them off too close to the seam, plus I found I really don't like the red I used. I need a better read.

This block is the liberty bell block and shouldn't take long at all. I've got more of the firecrackers done too. I still haven't found the right "bell" brown yet. I'm still looking. I did buy some green for the stems and leaves, as you can never have too much green.

I'm worrying about my son as well. He's still unemployed. He has been thinking about changing his career and being a police officer. That's okay, but I just pray he gets a job. He's trying so hard, and so far nothing....I do remember those days and it's the pits. You get your hopes up and then they get dashed, then you try again and again nothing. I know there is a reason and I know things will happen that are meant to be, but dang.

Okay, we are going to Las Vegas for my brother's retirement celebration. So for a week from the 1st to the 8th, I'll be taking my applique with me for something to do on those "down times." I'm actually looking forward to being with my brother the first of the year.

Hopefully I'll have more photos and get a few more things done - and try not to play so much on the computer - then I can post them here in the next week.

In the meantime - I'll try and get quilting in to be Happy Quilting...

If I don't post before Christmas - MERRY CHRISTMAS - and may you be Happy Quilting....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday season

Well, it's the holiday season and I'm happy to say, for the first time in years, I've actually made a few gifts this year.

This week I decided I needed to finish the afghan I was making for my daughter's ex-fiance. I'm going to try and get it done before Christmas.Who knows who will get it, but I don't need another unfinished project to add to all my UFO's. (Unfinished Objects)

We had our first Christmas Party with Myron's Girls quilt group. I was the first one to pick a gift and was able to wait to see what everyone else had. THAT WAS A FIRST FOR ME. I'm usually the second or third and then I see what everyone else has. I came home with a cute sewing basket that fits in your hand.

I'm trying to figure out why I can't post photos on here. It tells me I have 0% used of the 1GB in photos. But then it wants me to buy more space. ugh. I may yet.

I did get a few more stitches in on all three blocks I'm working on. I need to place more pieces on all three blocks. I'm going to work on putting them on the blocks so I can work on them some more. The firecracker block for the Baltimore Liberty quilt is getting about half done. I'm hoping to finish that one by the end of the month.

Haven't Missed a Stitch group is going to be having their Christmas Party/Potluck on the 13th, and I'm looking forward to that. We have a lot of gifts to give out. We should be getting ready for a free years subscription to give out as well. Looking forward to my Thursday group. Thinking I'm gong to give Myron's Girls a break. Getting tired of catering to them so mom can sew too.

Okay, I'm going to work on the photo issue for this blog. Hope everyone is doing well, and you have a Merry Christmas, if I don't post before then.

Happy Holiday's and Happy Quilting.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Slowing down

Okay, I'm slowing down, but not because I'm slow, but because I've been busy.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did, my nephew and his wife came to visit for Thanksgiving and we had a great meal. My son went to his girlfriends families gathering. We decided not to do that, as Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So, I had more fun decorating and prepping for Thanksgiving.

Guess I can't show you photos since I seem to have used up the amount I'm allowed.  Hoping it will fix itself!

I've been working on the Baltimore Liberty quilt. I worked on the blocks, got one half of the leaves done on one, and basted more on. I'm hoping to finish the block soon. I did work on the second block as well, and I've got the leaves, some of the crackers, and stems done so far. This block should be quick and easy. I just need a really nice brown fabric to use for the bell.

Last night - after a week and a half - I finally pulled the quilt out and started quilting on the Hawaiian quilt again. I' hoping to get a lot done today.

I also got 2 more grocery bags done. At least I'm getting a few Christmas gifts done as well. Just can't post them on here because that would give it away. lol

So, with no photos to show till they fix the problem, I'll be Happy Quilting.......

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Quiilter's Mind - beware!

Okay, here's what a quilter thinks about when they are working on a "mindless project." What is a "mindless project," you ask. Well, here we go.

I've come up with more bright ideas for projects. Like I really need another project. Oh, well, here we go...

On Thursday at our quilt group meeting, we talked about the back basting and how it works. We also talked about ideas that would work of us with the back basting - and ways to make it easier to do.

So, it's Sunday, and what am I doing?? Another project - will explain about that in the end of this blog.  I'm marking my fabric for back basting. WOO HOO - or so I thought. After three days of getting EVERYTHING I needed or thought I needed to get going on this, I finally had the chance to mark my blocks - yes, 2. Why? How knows, it's me remember. Anyway, I' have one block done, - front and back - and was thinking (yes I do think at times), why not put what I'm thinking in my blog. So, here are some of the tings I've been running through my mind - remember - mindless job -

1) Is my mother treating my patterns like NEW and hopefully going to return them NEW or are they going to look USED. - Hate the Used look. Collected too many books to care fro people that don't take care of things.

2) Oops, missed that spot. That's okay, can't be perfect all the time, hope no one notices. Oh, heck the only one that will will be the quilter that made this same one. Oh - wo cares, it's just for the family and if they don't like it tough. Blah blah blah

3) Patrick seems to be getting a lot done outside, maybe I should help - nah. I really want to get this done, and I really don't want to go out in the cold because I'm cold already. I could ask him if he needs help, he usually says no, but today may be the day he says yes....

4) Okay, second block, why don't they mark the middle? Cross stitch patterns do....

5)  Oh how cool is that? We have a humingbird still. Guess I better feed it through the winter. I'm so thrilled to see hummingbirds stay around. I'll have to how Patrick he was wrong about the hummingbirds leaving around winter time.

6) Don't forget to update the journal on what I did the past tow days with this quilt.

7) Dang - laundry is done.

8) Too bad I don't have a lot of money. I would run for office. Not sure which, but then it wouldn't matter, I'm not rich enough to run. I'd show them how to balance a check book, without having to raise taxes. Now our taxes are going up because of the  A**hole going in as governor Thank you King County. Wish there was a way the state could vote and throw out all of King County ballets. Talk about "no fair."

9) Hope this pen works out. .First time using a FriXion pen. It's supposed to be the best thing out there. As long as it's not the like the other pen we have had out there for years, that leaves marks. Could never use those.

10) Wonder if Kathleen started working on that quilt idea I thought about.

11) Funny how people copy others and make their own designs. I can't believe anyone can take a pattern, change it just enough and then turn around and claim it as their design. Go figure. And yet people believe it and buy it. Patterns that are over a hundred years old are now being marked" copywrites apply" and I'll even bet some of those patterns where done from some of my ancestors. Because they didn't sign and date their quilts, the patterns get coped and made for patterns.

11) Why in the world would I pay $100 or more for a pattern? I'm not that crazy. If you want me to advertise your patterns, then you need to make it easy to purchase. This is not a "who's richer" field of quilters. Quilters ha always been kind, considerate, and passionate about their quilts and others. Quilters make patterns readily available for all and try to make them cheap enough for every quilter to be able to buy them. Now we have quilters who think they are better than the rest, and ask for high priced patterns. Yes, they do beautiful work, yes, they should get paid for their work, but NO hey should not get $25 a pattern or $130 for all the patterns to a quilt. I'm sorry, your work isn't that great.

Okay, rambling on is over, blocks are marked. Now I need to get the colors together.

Now, what got me to this point this morning?? -You ask.

Then here we go. Thursday, as I said earlier, was the quilt group - Haven't Missed a Stitch - at Quilter's Junction. I worked on block #33 of the Affairs of the Heart quilt I'm working on. And yes, I'm still working on them. I didn't get much done but two petals. Guess I was too interested in everyone else's projects and chatting that I didn't get much done. Plus I forgot my scissors. Hate having to ask others for scissors.

Friday was Myron's Girl's quilt group. This group does what this group does. Can't say any more. So, I sat and worked on the block from Affairs of the Heart. At least I had two blocks to work with if I ran into trouble. Thankfully I didn't. But this is where I "got off." As I was driving home on Thursday and driving to mom's on Friday, I decided since I can't work on my Baltimore Christmas quilt BOM, I would take mom's Baltimore Liberty BOM and work on it. She started one block and had a hard time. This I can't see, as she does better work then most of us. Anyway, she sad she had trouble. So, I asked for her patterns and brought them home. She was surprised I wanted them after she showed me the problem she was having. Decided I would work on them anyway, and try to get it done. She's not getting them back till I do. lol So, three guesses where I went on the way home! Nope! Yep, I went to Quilter's Junction to buy the 4 1/2 yards of fabric I needed for the quilt. (more money gone this month)

Brought the fabric home, thought about doing the blocks....tried to mark the block with pencil - not wouldn't work....have to get the, not yet......Patrick bowling on Sunday, need to get a block ready to work on while he such luck, ended up getting the pens after he bowled in a tournament on Sunday. Now, everything thing is set, oops, guess not, went to a moving (two this weekend). Got home and it was dark outside. Try using the ass door and mark a block when it's black outside. Ugh....waited till this morning and finally afater three days, got the blocks marked.

Now if that hasn't bored you yet, then I don't know what to tell you. I am going to try and work on the blocks today. You know how this goes.....what color do I want, awww I like that one, dang, guess not, that wont work, how about this, aww that's better....etc.

I did work on the afghan last night, since I picked up the quilt and put it in the other room. I need to drag it back out so I'll work on it, but since its not in the living room, it's going to be fun to see how long it takes for me to drag it out again....

Okay, in the mean time, will try and post an update when I have time this week. Headed to Rose's on Wednesday to cut out more bag patterns. Gave one bag away to a gal that game me er serger.

In the meantime, I hope to be Happy Quilting......

Monday, November 5, 2012

Woo Hooo

Thought that might get your attention! lol

This past week has been pretty good. I did get a few things done which means I'm on top of it. OR at least I hope I am.

On Wednesday last week, I help mom decorate some brownies for her church "Truck or Treat." They turned out pretty good. It's been awhile since I decorated cakes. Miss that. I used to do that for my kids as they were growing up.

We tried to make them look like pumpkins.

Here's mom decorating some. She really had fun. We both laughed at how long it's been that either one of us has done decorating. She took a class when I was in High School. We had a lot of really cool cakes back then. She even made a couple "sexy" cakes. I took classes when my kids were younger.

The finished product.

AND of course, we had to make graham crackers with frosting fillings and decorate. lol

Thursday and Friday, well, they are a blur. Not real sure what I did those days. I know I've been a little worried about my son, since he was layed off on Monday. I'm bias and think they made a mistake letting him go, but then I wasn't there. I know my son, and I know he puts his heart in his job. I also know he speaks his mind and can be a little "sharp" with the tongue, but what person in that generation isn't? I also know when women my age get around "kids" his age, we don't want to hear their ideas or their easy way of doing things.

Saturday, we went to the casino and let the casino have some money. Not worried, they gave us $35 to play with, so not complaining too much. I did get to quilt every night - at least 2 hours a night. I have also been working on the letter I need to post on Letters from the Past. I have a lot of those to do. My husband can never figure out what I'm up to.

He told me the other day that I tend to get things done, but it takes time. I either quilt till I get tired of it, then I work on family history till I get tired of it, move to cross stitch or whatever. At least I get things done, but it takes time. I can't seem to stay with one thing and get it done.

Trouble is - that's true. I can't seem to stay with one thing at a time. Wish I could, but for some reason I find myself wanting to do too many things, and the only way to do them is a little here and a little there. One of these days, I will try and get one thing done at a time. I haven't even thought about getting moving on the blocks from the Affairs of the Heart quilt. Mom is giving hers to my sister-in-law.

Speaking of mom - she was telling me all about the Baltimore Christmas quilt she's doing - with my patterns. I ordered the BOM for that quilt. Got everything, and didn't even get the chance to do the first block before my mother took my patterns. She ordered the Baltimore Liberty BOM, and ONLY did one block before she took my patterns. Now, I don't have my patterns or my fabric to even get started on that quilt. She'll have them both done before I even get started. I'm a little ticked she had to take my patterns and do my quilt first, but OH, WELL, life goes on.

Since the last time I posted what I've been up to, the above photos are where I last started.

Since then I got this area done. I'm happy to say, it's coming along great. I've been pretty lucky at the way things have been going.

That was where I was by Saturday. Then on Sunday, we went downstairs, turned the fireplace on, and sat to watch the football games.

As you can tell, that part of "we" is Patrick and Charlie, as well as myself. Charlie loves to sleep at the end of my quilt frame when I'm quilting or working on sewing stuff. I serged some rags for Patrick and then sat down to quilt on the butterfly quilt.

This was what I had before I started quilting on it. As you can tell, I have threads, thimbles, and scissors close by. I ended up spending a good 15 mins or more trying to figure out what happened to my electric pencil sharpener as I use that for my marking pencils. I have been looking for it at least 6 months. I asked Patrick what the heck happened to it, looked in every nook and cranny in the house. Then decided to text my daughter to see if she had any clue where I could have put it. She texted back and said she had it, and that her dad told her she could take it with her. Patrick denied that, but oh well. So, now I'm pencil sharpener short, and had to go get my other marking pencils that are mechanical. Ugh. Once I figured that out, I could sit down and quilt.

I had some trouble with the batting buckling - partly my fault because I didn't tighten the frame up. So, I tried to see what I could do to get it easier to quilt, since a good part of the quilt had already been quilted. I was able to get to it, but had to remove Charlie to get what I needed to do. She wasn't thrilled but she didn't mind being put on the couch with her quilt. Once I did that, I was able to tighten up the quilt. This is the half way point for this quilt as well.

As you can see, it's not easy to figure out a quilt design for this quilt. The quilt top was put together by my quilt group that I was president of back in 2002 and 2003. (Something like that). Anyway, it was paper pieced, and there are a lot of thick seams. On top of that, some of the blocks where pieced with dark thread when the background was white or off-white. So, when I'm quilting this, I found a lot of dark stitches on the lighter fabrics. It's been hard trying to figure out what to quilt on it, but I have been doing butterfly "patterns" on the white part. The patterns are the path a butterfly takes when flying. So, it's a lot of swirls and stuff. It's been interested and fun to quilt.

So, after coming upstairs last night and 8 pm arriving to watch "Columbo" on TV, I was able to get the Hawaiian quilt at the half way point. That's good news for me! I'm thrilled at how this is coming along. It's a lot prettier then I expected. I can't wait to see the end result!

Which puts me at this point. Going to a corner area to start quilting in the purple area again. I'm happy with how it's coming along.

Hope that fills you in on what I've been up to. I'm going to be quilting again on Thursday and Friday. Can't wait for the weeks to go back to Thursday one week and Friday the next. I will be going to JoAnn Fabrics on Wednesday with my friend. That means I better enjoy tomorrow by myself before I get back to being busy again....

In the meantime, I hope to keep quilting and get a little further with both quilts. In the mean time I hope you are Happy Quilting as well!

Best wishes!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting stuff done

I'm happy to say, I'm getting stuff done. I don't know where the time has gone, but at least I'm doing something other than games on the computer.

Last week I had two different quilt group meeting.

Wednesday Rose came by and we spent the day working on the bags she got me started on in April or May. She cut out the pattern for a couple more for herself, and I worked on the two I had that needed to be finished. I got one done and started on the next. She helped me figure out my surger that was given to me from one of mom's friends. I need to send her a thank you card.

Thursday I took my quilt to the meeting to quilt on it. Instead, I ended up helping at Quilter's Junction while the owner went to take her grandson to the doctors. I ended up working most of the time, but it brought back memories of working for her when she first opened up her store. I remembered how to work the cash register and d a lot of fun. I also came home with some fabric. I also learned how the fabric crayons worked. We colored some blocks with crayons, ironed them and got to see what they look like. I brought two blocks home to wash, I wanted to see how much coloring you need to do to bring out the color. I bought a pattern awhile back where you color the design and then you embroider it. I'm actually looking forward to starting that. BUT I promised myself, I had to get two done before I can start another one. I'm not a quick as mom - she's already almost done with the Tree of Life quilt from a kit. And she only started it a couple months ago.

Friday I went to the car dealers to get my oil changed. Then I called dad to pick me up and go be with the quilters. I stayed for about an hour and then I went back to get my car. I swear, since my parents moved into town, the quilt group now meets at 9 am instead of 10 am. Then we have a couple that have to be even earlier, and show up at 8 am. I miss the times when I could go early and chat with my parents before anyone shows up, but I have found it doesn't matter how early  I am, there is always someone else earlier than me.. ugh.  I did cut out my pieces for my #32 & #33 block on the Affairs of the Heart blocks. May get that done one of these days too!

Saturday was one of those days my hubby wanted to do something different. So, we went to the movie "Altas Cloud." Don't even go see that movie! It was so violent/gory/horror, with a splash of porn - real porn! I was ready to leave after 20 mins, but hubby thought it would come together. It did, but they could have done it better. This was awful! On top of that, I don't need to see two gay guys making out. (no offence). I just don't need to see it. I quilted for a little while after we got home.

Sunday was a nice day downstairs. I worked on another bag, while hubby and I watched football - dare Seahawks! - and the history channel. I had to change the needles on the serger because it wasn't letting me do anything. Got it working

Got a lot of this bag done. I was surprised at how easy it was getting, but it still took awhile.

And while I was doing this, the photo of Charlie above shows what she was doing on the quilt frame downstairs. I still need to get working on the quilt top for a friend and hope to get that going soon. Last night I worked on quilting the Hawaiian. And NO I do not have a name for it just yet. I've got ideas, but haven't found it yet.

I keep getting closer, and I'm really please with the way it's coming out. The colors may look blue to you, but they are purple. This quilt is purple and white. It does have a blue tint to it.

I lilked the way this was coming along! lol I got this part done, and am working on the area on the other side of it. There are three parts to this area. When one goes around all this, it closes off the other two areas. I then go back to them when each section is done.

The mess is getting bigger, but I'm getting stuff done. I have my table set up like this now, and will put the serger away later. I need to finish two more bags and then I'm HOPING I'm done with bags for awhile. I keep telling Rose, I need to finish what I have and not start anything new, but she has other ideas. lol

So, here in a few mins, after I finish this, I'm going to be Happy Quilting......

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going in circles

This last week, I think I've been going in circles.

I worked on at least 3 different things in the last week. This week I've got a friend coming over today and then the next 2 days I'm in my 2 groups. Haven't Missed a Stitch meets at the Quilter's Junction, in Centralia, WA and Myron's Girls is a group that meets at my mothers. That group is closed.

Miss Charlie has been getting as close to, if not on top of my Hawaiian quilt when I work on it. She seems to think it's her quilt. But then, she was with us from the beginning of that quilt and would sit on it, lay on it, or just be close by when I was appliqueing the quilt top. If I so much as spread it out, to see what I have done, she's there - right in the middle.

Okay, so back to the last week. I went through all those boxes I posted on the Letters from the Past blog, with the exception of the last one. That box is full of nothing but current photos. When I mean current photos, I'm talking about the last 10-15 years. So, I took out the framed photos and left the envelopes with all the photos and negatives. I'm going to put off going through that box for awhile. May have hubby bring in another box of stuff for me to go through, so I can get this done.

I spend 2 full days, and part of another, to put some of the photos into a scrapbook for my kids. I did not even get close to finishing the 3 different photo albums I had started. One is of my father and his family, as well as my mother and her family. That one I haven't touched yet, but I do have photos that I did a while back. So, each album is about half finished. I mostly worked on one album for someone (secret).

While I was doing that, I was also working on the quilt. I finished the above area lsst night. I had my hubby help me open it up to see how far I got. The good news is I am very close to half way. I have the above area to finish - it is in 3 parts for quilting. This is the first section/part that needed quilting to get me half way.

Today is a day of cutting out patterns and trying to see if we can figure out how to work my serger (sp) that was given to me.

Speaking of that, I went to Billie's Designer Fabrics yesterday and spend the afternoon checking out the latest Viking machine - Ruby Deluxe. That machine is wonderful! I recommend it. The kicker is, it's $6,300. More that I have to spend on a sewing machine that does embroidery. I would love to have it, but not something I can afford. Plus, if I got it now, I would be adding unfinished projects to my already unfinished projects, and my goal for the time being is to finish 2 projects before I start another one. I'm getting there, but not fast enough.

With winter coming, I'm hoping to go downstairs, sit and quilt in front of the fireplace while watching TV. I just wish I had the DVR on down there. Then I could get a lot of shows  taped watched and quilting done. Right now the place is a big mess because of the photo boxes I've been going through. So, my table not only has quilting stuff - it has photos. UGH

I hope you all have a great day, and are getting quilting done faster than me (but then if I would stay away from the computer, I would get more done!).

In the meantime, hope all of us are Happy Quilting.......

Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting closer

Life is good. I just posted on the "Letters from the Past" blog - so you can get an idea of what I am doing with my genealogy. 

I just got a call from my parent, telling me they will be stopping by in about an hour. So, thought I would get a few blogging in. 

Today is a rainy day. When I look out my back door I see is beautiful tree, with all it's glory. The colors are just wonderful!

On days like this, I tend to play on computers or clean up my messes ----

Which just happens to be the boxes of stuff that were under my quilting table. I wanted to clean it up so I wouldn't have to look at them - knowing I needed to do them at one time or another. After my brothers came and gave me permission to do with the stuff as I pleased, I decided I needed to get it over with. 

Even the top of the table is crammed. I am getting closer, but not quiet there. That box under the table was opened today and would you believe it's full of more photos - more current.

Okay, now you wondering if I actually did any quilting today. Well, so far today that answer would be "No." But if you were to ask me yesterday, the answer would be "yes."

This is the second out of four sides. I had done the first side last week, and decided to go ahead and work on the second side. Then and only then, can I say I'm half way.

I had to take a photo of the area that is completed. I really love the affect the quilting has on this quilt. I'm happy with the results. It's not done in the "traditional" way, but then again, this is my quilt from the beginning. My design, my quilting, and my work. If I wee to take it to be judged, I believe it would not pass judging because the quilting lines are not "exact" and in a special "rhyme or reason" for the quilting. Today's judges tend to judge on what they like, and on what is "perfect." When I don't want a "perfect" quilt, I find I do a better job. 

My mother is coming to work on a couple sheets on my sewing machine. So, not sure how long that will take. I need to go through some newspaper clipping and see what I need to keep and what I don't. As you can tell, my mind is going in five different directions. 

In the meantime, I hope to be Happy Quilting...maybe.tonight.....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Quilting and falling behind on blogging

I realized it has been awhile since I posted anything on here, so today I'm going to get back on track.
The last couple weeks have been busy in more ways then one.

Those "wonderful" shipping boxes under my quilt cutting table have been opened and I have gotten 2 1/2 of them cleared out. I've found another family member in my genealogy and I have even mailed out some photos that belong to another branch of the family. At the same time, I found my great grandmother's friend's family so I can send them photo's we have. Life is busy but things are getting done.

As you can see, I was being watched and she follows me everywhere now. lol

I would go out on a nice day and sit on the swing. It felt good to get some quilting done, and the summer breeze was great.

The more I got done, the more I realized I wasn't getting the area near the border done. So, I decided to get the area near the board quilted so I could add that to my "half" done. If I didn't do them, it wouldn't b "half" but a quarter done.

I've been spending at least 1-2 hours a night watching television and quilting. I'm not worried about the echoing, and I'm really pleased with how it's coming out.

Each stitch is getting me closer and closer to finishing. This quilt is looking wonderful. I am pleased so far with the way it's coming out. I need to go back and do the same to the other boarder area where I quilted before. (sorry hard to explain)

This was completed two nights ago.

This is where I was yesterday. Since it was Sunday, I am even closer to having this area completed.

Yesterday I took the Zucchini on the counter from the garden, and started working on making Zucchini relish. I'm going to try and finish that up today. I'm also working on the tomatoes that I stewed yesterday to make BBQ sauce.

Salsa is my next project of food. LOL I'm making all kinds of things from the garden. We had ton of tomatoes! Gave away 2 buckets of tomatoes to the neighbors and still had enough to make my sauce from.

Thursday and Friday is quilting days. So, I'm going to find something to work on. lol

OH, I did get another bag done, will take a photo of it and post that as well. I also finished another Affairs of the Heart quilt blocks. Now I am down to 5 left. I need to cut the blocks out.

For the record, my gallbladder was removed about 7 weeks ago and I'm doing great. It helped more than I expected.

I am sorry to report a dear friend of my mother's - LouAnn White, d a massive stroke and is in the nursing home to re-coop. She is paralyzed on the right side and is not able to do much. She won't be able to quilt for a long time, but our prayers are with her in this trying time.

In the meantime, I'll be busy and Happy Quilting.....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Closer to Half Way

As time goes, I'm still working on applique and quilting the quilt.

One morning I decided to wash my quilt. I'm one of those that uses the quilts I make. The nice thing is I got my mother's front loader washing machine when she moved. (Traded my old one for her new one). I love the washing machine!! It's wonderful! Now, back to the quilt. I pulled the quilt off the bed to noticed the binding is coming apart.

This is my scrape quilt that is called the Inner City. I made it over 5 years ago. I started it over 10 years ago. I'm betting it's closer to 20 years old then 10, but not sure. I remember working on it in Pullman, and we have been here for 15 years. So, maybe it is at least 15 years old.

So as I was picking up the quilt, I found it coming apart in several areas at the top of the quilt. (this is a photo of the back).

At least that's the least of my problems. I need to cut the binding off and put another one on. I had originally pulled the binding from the front to the back. Cutting off the binding won't be too hard. - Plus it will straighten up the quilt (smiling). I need to sew some strips together to use on the binding. Just not ready to go back down on the sewing machine but will do that before Winter hits.

In the last week I have gotten a lot done on the Hawaiian quilt. I still seem to do a lot of playing on the computer, but oh, well.

Since the last time I wrote on here, this is where I was at the time of writing on the blog.

Each step got me that much closer to getting it done.

Decided to take a photo of where I as at the time. Wanted to know the "overall" view of where I was to getting done.

Then got back to quilting in the "V" area.

Got closer each time I pulled the quilt up to work on it.

Then last night, I finished the 'V' area. Remember, I'm not doing the echo stitches according to the Hawaiian way of measuring. I did all the work by my eye sight, and if you look really close you will see I have some smaller or bigger areas of measuring. I'm not worried about it. I like the effect of closer echo stitches. You get more of a "sea" wave to it.

So, today, I started working on the area below the one I just finished.  If I can get this part done, I SHOULD be closer if not, at half way.

They tell you, you should write done what your thinking and how you put the quilt together, in a book. I didn't think about that when I was working on this quilt. I may do it on some of my future quilts. But this quilt, seems to be written more on here than anywhere else. So, I guess you can say, this is my journal on this quilt. I have started a journal for another quilt that I have plans to start. I put when I purchased the BOM and where I am on getting it started. Now I just have to get it away from my mother so I can get started on it.

First things first. I am needing to go downstairs and piece a quilt top together for a friend who is in our bowling league. Guess I have all year to get done but hope I won't take that long to do it.

Speaking of bowling - I started bowling last week! I was excited about using my new bowling ball. It was everything I expected! I bowled so good and wasn't even trying!! My Weds. night game has me at 172 average, and my Friday bowling was a 611 series which makes my average 203! Best I've done yet for starting out, just hope it keeps up.

Well, I need to get back to quilting, so you'll know I'm Happy Quilting.......

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