Saturday, January 28, 2012


The frog quilt was completed (down to the wire) for the quilt show. I haven't taken a photo yet, but I will. It was at the quilt show yesterday and today at the Centralia Christian School. I had both of the wall hangings in the show. My neighbor was thrilled to see her rose quilt had a better binding on it. It looked a 100% better. I was able to complete it just before it had to be at the school for showing. I tried to get it done before then, but the storm brought on a lot more problems then expected. 

When the winter storm hit, my parents were without power last week from Tuesday till Wednesday this week. On Saturday they finally agreed with me that they needed to come into town and stay at our house. So, while they were here, I wasn't able to get as much quilting and crafts done as I would have liked. I did get working on them after they left Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, (the day the quilt was due), mom called to say the power went back out and she needed to come over for a shower. While she was here getting a shower, she was also asking a lot of questions keeping me from finishing the binding. I ended up taking the quilt to the TAS Haven't Missed A Stitch group and worked on it there. 

In the process of my parents being without power, my mother had foot surgery done a week before. So, she was unable to get around without a skutter (sp?) or later a walker. She had to crawl up the stairs at our house for a couple days before they gave her permission to walk on the foot. She is still using both to get around. 

All's well here. Now I can't wait to get back to the Hawaiian quilt and the butterfly quilt on the frame downstairs. I am going to take my runners to my mothers on Friday and work on basting those. I will also work on the blocks (crazy quilt) for the TAS Retreat at Seabeck in March. I'm really getting excited about going to that!  I will try a post something new this week. I want to get back into writing on here. Time seems to fly by. 

If you are a quilter, please click on the ads. Those are the things that keep this website going. Thank you for viewing my boring details of what is going on with me and quilting....till next time, Happy Quilting!

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