Thursday, April 12, 2012

Busy Week!

Okay, this week is getting out of hand. I wanted to get a lot done and didn't. I wanted to enjoy myself at my TAS group meeting, and didn't. Felt like I had so much to do, that I just couldn't sit down and visit or stay. So, my day I look forward to, didn't happen. UGH

I've been quilting on the Hawaiian quilt at night. While I waiting two hours for my son - at his interview - I read and worked on my cross stitch in the car. That was Monday - my how time flies. I got a call to come in for an interview to work part time. Not looking forward to going back to work, but when my hubby wants me to work, I guess I better do something to keep him happy.

I've been TRYING to clean up the stuff mom keeps giving me. I have photos and letters I'm going through. I know she has military letters but she won't give them to me. So, I guess I'll deal with that on my own. I would love to see them, I know there is stuff I want to know in them. Even if its just "hi, can't talk." I'm going to post more letters today as well. I'm saving the letters in a binder.

Okay, so not much in the way of quilt related stuff other than trying to get a few stitches in at night. I'm moving slowly that way, but hey, it's working. My TAS group at mom's is tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how that goes with her trying to box things up and moving.

Till I have time to write again - hopefully tomorrow - Happy Quilting!

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