Friday, April 6, 2012

Going through old Photos....

As you can see, and as you know, I not only do quilting, I do genealogy. With mom and dad getting ready to move, we found 5 packing boxes full of old photos. Some are in great condition, others are not.

The last two days, I've been looking over and putting photos into piles for my two brothers, myself, and a few family members that keep in contact with the family. Now I'm really getting a lot done, but I've only chipped away at the boxes.

In the process, I found this photo, I just had to share! Quilters are quilters and appreciate finding another family member that quilts!

This is a photo of Wilda Matheson Simpson, who is my grandmother's cousin. This family was very close, as my grandmother kept in contact with most all of her cousins. WHAT A FIND!!

The back of the photo reads: Wilda and her first quilt Made in Oct. 1977

Wilda passed away in June of 2000. My grandmother passed away in 1987.

I remember being in High School when they were collecting blocks from family members to put into a quilt. My mother made one which she embroidered with the different places were lived. I remember mom working on the Japanese "post" (can't remember the name), a beer stein from Germany and a couple other things. Wilda was presented that quilt on one of her special Birthday's. I've often wondered where that quilt is and how it turned out. In my research, I found that at least one of her son's has passed on as well.

This is a piece of history that needs to be saved. I so enjoy finding out this "stuff" about my family. And trust me, even if "no, no" happened in the family, it still fascinates me they did it! :-)

So, while I'm going through photos (hoping to find more), I'm also getting a few stitches in on the Hawaiian quilt.

Till tomorrow, Happy Quilting!

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