Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still quilting

I'm getting what little quilting in I can. Things around here has been going faster than expected. I have been putting time in at night with quilting and I'm slowly getting there. More and more things are coming up and less and less time is being spent on the quilt. I did decide to try and work my way around the quilt going to the border. It has been working okay that way.I did get a quarter section done, as I stated before. 

Then I reached a corner area and was worried how I could get around the corner with out messing it up. I was going to skip the corner and move on to the other quarter section. I decided to rethink that thought out. So, I'm working my way to the corner and will quilt in that corner before moving on the the next section.

This is the section I finished with the border connection. I was planning on quilting it to the end border, and got most of the purple quilted when I headed toward the corner.

So last night I got the left area quilted and will start on the white area once I get the purple done. The flowers  go around the corner and are not straight off the corner. (sorry if I'm confusing you). So, I started quilting the flower last night, and will work my way to the bottom corner, in order to quilt the white area in the corner.

This shows a little of what I'm trying to say. It goes fast, once I have a direction. When I don't seem to have a direction, then it seems to take too long. the more I chip away, the more gets done. I will try and do more today, as I'm behind on my shows as well.

Hubby is leaving on Wednesday to go pick up my son and drive with a U-Haul back from NC since he got the job in Olympia. We're excited to have him back after 5 years of being gone. I'll be taking him to the airport tomorrow. Then I will have a week of working on genealogy and quilting.....let's see how far that goes!

I'm planning on working on a couple bags with a friend this Thursday, and will let you know how that goes too.

Until then, Happy Quilting.....

OH! check out my Letters From the Past! I've added some from my great grandmother that were written in the 1880's. She only lived to be 23 years old. I can't wait to start trying to re-write her diaries so we can see what kind of a life she had.

Okay - back to quilting - till next time....HQ'ing.


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