Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Exciting Find

As many of you know, I not only quilt but I also do genealogy. In my going through notebooks, newsletters, and letters (published on the other blog), I found another notebook that belonged to my grandmother or great grandmother. Not sure which one pasted all the newspaper clipping from KS.

Yes, I said Kansas. My mother's family are from Kansas. So, can you guess what I found? I'll show you -

Actually, this was one I kept - because that blue wedding ring is my first quilt. I also wrote an article for the quilt magazine years ago. I wish I could find that article again. I titled it, "Not like my mother" or something like that. I haven't found my copy of the magazine and wonder if I got rid of it when I as clearing out my magazines.

Okay, now I'll show you what I couldn't believe was put between family genealogy, gardening, and then crafts. Here's some patterns in the Kansas Natoma newspaper. I believe they were from the 1940 or around that time.

This is pretty when it's done.

Fell in love with the quilting stitches on this quilt! I like the article added as well.

Pattern and quilting. I've often wondered where they got their patterns from, and who was behind finding the patterns. I know a lot of women in Kansas were great quilters, my family included, and I know they did a lot of their own patterns. I often wonder if the newspaper asked around for patterns, or if they had someone in the paper do the patterns. I'm thrilled she even saved the applique patterns.

I've always liked this pattern! I've wanted a quilt like this for a long time. Piecing just isn't my thing. But if I do it, I'll hand piece it.

Now I think we are getting closer to the 1960's with the color pictures. I have more patterns I will post tomorrow or Friday, because they are just too much fun not too.

See, this quilt has been around for a long time.

Now you can see why I got a little excited today when working on genealogy.  I love old patterns and like to see the applique ones the most. It's so cool, to see my grandmothers also saved patterns.

More coming. This should keep you interested till I post the rest later.

In the mean time, I started two BOM (Block of the Month) blocks and have them half done. I will take a photo of it tomorrow after my quilt group meeting. I am between doctors appointments, so I'm taking my applique with me. I do like back basting for some things, and it does help keeping the fabric down till you applique it.

Will take photo's by this weekend, and in the mean time.....Happy Hunting and Happy Quilting.

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