Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Quiet Day!

Today is a quite day! I went to get a mammogram today. LOL - So it starts out pretty quick. I even stopped and got milk at the store. While I was there, I picked up two Chi Tea's for me and my hubby. I thought I would drop his off at work to give him a "pick me up." He was surprised to see me. Love it when I do that! lol

My helper!

We bowled last night and that didn't turn out very well! lol

Today I have been working on the 2015 Give away quilt for The Applique Society! I'm so excited about this!! We are working with P&B fabrics to see if they can donate the fabrics. Then I'm going to work with Jeannie Austin (her designs for the quilt!) to get this out to the ones that said they would help.  I need to send out emails to them to let them know.

I learned last night, I have 9 weeks to get a baby gift made for a friend of ours! I'm thinking about doing a baby afghan. That would be the quickest thing to do. I'm not sure if I want to knit it or crochet it. Should be interested when I finally decide. How much you want to bet I end up waiting for the last minute! lol

I did post more letters on my Letters from the Past page, and will do more here pretty soon. I hope...

So, in the meantime, I'm going to try and quilt tonight while watching the Seahawks kick butt!!

May you and I be Happy Quilting......

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