Monday, October 21, 2013

Had a Great Walk this Morning!

This morning was cooler. It was really a nice day to get out there and walk. The fall season is here and the trees are starting to turn. It's one of the reasons I love it up here in Washington!

The colors are coming out so bright!

Love the blueberry trees that turn colors.

Of course, Charlie, was waiting on me and wanted me to get moving and let her in.

Miss attitude!

Yesterday turned out awesome! I actually got to quilt. I gave Patrick my game on Pogo (game site He played with my neighbor and I quilted! It was so nice!

I finished that area I showed.

It was so much fun to get that done!

Then I went to the triangle and filled it in, didn't like it being open. lol

Then I moved over to this area. I was able to get the white quilting in the leaf area, but only outlined it. I'm now working on filling in the leaf and getting the border outline done. Once I do that I can go in the white area and start echoing there.

I need to figure out an afghan pattern for a baby gift. Afghans take less time then figuring out a baby quilt. Since this is a friend, she love anything that is hand made, so I figure an afghan will take less time. I have about 8 weeks to get this done. Went to the neighbors to see if she had some yarn that would go with the two color I had. She gave me a couple more colors. Now the hard part is - What am I in the MOOD to make. ugh, have't figured that out yet. LOL

May your week be Happy Quilting....

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