Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things are getting done slowly.

Sunday was a good day for getting more quilting done! I rolled the quilt again, so it's slowly getting there. I'm close to half way with this one. 

I was a little more disappointed in the way this was put together. I thought all quilters knew when they have light colored fabrics, you don't sew them together with navy blue or black thread. What in the world was this person thinking? (I didn't say that did I?) I'm sorry, I really like this quilt, but I'm finding as I quilt, there are black/navy blue threads that were used to sew the white and yellow areas. I could not believe it. It makes the design look "dirty" when you look at them. 

I also found it very hard to do the seam area. This was paper pieced and I'm finding they didn't trim the fabric so that it would be easier to quilt by the seams. So, I decided to go up the middle of the piece. By doing that, I found the "extra" fabrics behind are still there. They were not trimmed. I realize most quilters do machine quilting, but truthfully, if one doesn't know how one is going to quilt it or if one is giving away a quilt, then it seriously needs to be trimmed properly. Think about it, if someone gave you a quilt top, wouldn't you want to have all that taken care of before working on it? When someone (including me) does a paper piecing block, it needs to be trimmed before moving on to the next piece. Once it's sewn over, it's hard if not impossible to trim. Okay, off my soap box!

Today is one of those days that I need to go to the quilt shop - Quilter's Junction, to get a class set up for out group. I decided I'm going to Kmart to get some sheets while I'm out. My day will be busy with getting the newsletter information approved, website stuff checked and just seeing what is going on with The Applique Society. See my side bar for the link. We are having a Membership Drive for new members. please consider becoming a part of our wonderful origination. It's well worth getting the newsletter. (I think of it as a great magazine that comes in every other month!)

I was actually thinking about finishing the last little circle on my quilt. Kinda hard to ask Charlie to move, as she's so comfortable! lol 

I will try and get some time in today. Part of my problem when it comes to quilting right now is that I pulled something in my neck and if I try to move my arms a certain way, I'm in pain. So, I'm trying not to do that right now.  I would like to bowl tomorrow night. lol

As the day goes by today, I'm going to try to work on my applique, since quilting seems to be out right now. 

May we all be Happy Quilting.....

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