Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, Oh, My!

Today is Tuesday....oh, my. Where does the time fly?

Since the last time I "blogged," I was at this point on my quilt. I'm thrilled at how fast this is going!

I actually bowled really good on Sunday, so the quilt was left alone on that evening. I didn't get anything done on it that day. I was visiting with Jeannie Austin to work on the 2015 Give-A-Way quilt for The Applique Society! I'm so excited about using her patterns! She is working with me on getting this quilt for 2015! I even talked to a very dear friend, Dian Keepers - who is well known in the machine quilting area and she said she would love to do the quilt when it's ready to be quilted next year! I'm stoked! Jeannie is awesome. She's so much fun to be around. She had way more quilts in her house than my mother does! I asked if she was still teaching and she said she does but not so much. I told her when she's ready to get her feet wet again, I could have a class for her in Centralia.

My helper tends to get in the way. I was being a pest last night and taking her photo. As you can tell she closes her eyes when the camera goes off.

I worked on the quilt last night and got quiet a bit done. It was awesome how easy and quick it was going.

I did take time to make "Grasshopper Squares" that my family loves. It's really not that green, the picture looks brighter than the actual color.

Patrick was giving me "guff" about taking pictures every time I get more done. I laughed at him and said I was doing it for my blog. - He has no clue! lol

Yesterday was not my best day, but today is looking up! I'm going to work on this quilt and get the side done so I can get to the corner. I can't wait to get moving on the corner. I should have done the corner first, and then the side! That way I could get done faster. lol - Makes it seem that way.

I'm sitting here watching "The Chew" and they are talking about taking food to someones house and then leaving with what's left! Too funny. I can see it both ways!

Okay, I'm going to behave today...get back to being Happy Quilting.....

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