Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Can Breath Easier Now!

Life has a funny way of letting you know your not in control. The past couple of days, I've actually had the time to think about what is important and what isn't. I guess when you reach my age (54), then you realize some things are not as important as one thought them to be.

This morning I woke up to snow! That was so awesome!! I miss snow.

I had plans for today, but as I was saying, life throws us a curve from time to time. So, I'm stuck at home.

I believed in The Applique Society, and yesterday, life through that curve at me. TAS is a great organization, but right now is run by a person that has way too much control, and if anyone thinks she will let go, they are thinking another thing. So, yesterday, three of my Board members and very dear friends, along with myself, resigned from the Board. In otherwords, TAS lost half it's Board in one day.

So, back to today. I am cold, but that's what happens when the weather gets cold around here. I can deal with it.

Over the last couple days, I'm able to curl up under my Hawaiian quilt and work on it. If's so comfortable to be under when the weather is like this. And a good cup of tea next to me! That is heaven! - Until my dear sweet cat decides it's her heaven first!

So, after vacuuming the floor, I had to get Miss Charlie to move. She's not to thrilled when I need her to do that! lol

So, I'm getting closer to getting the corner moving! I have done the flower parts, and now working on the leaves and working my way down to the corner border. Once I do that, I can get the echo's going in the middle of it. I'm actually getting excited about getting this done.

This weekend we started working on getting our house decorated. We decided, since both my children will probably not come for Christmas, we wouldn't go overboard. So, we went to the store and bought a White Christmas tree that is half the size of our family tree. It even takes up less room!

I took out the train that my Aunt gave me and put it under the tree, to later be moved.

We moved that train up above our cabinet. Now there are gifts under the tree.

So, today, and yesterday, I figured it was time to get moving on the Christmas treats. I made fudge yesterday, and today I had fun with the Blossum Cookies!

I even had fun with the camera! lol This is the first three steps before I put the kisses on the cookies.

As you can see, I made a few dozen, and will need to make more. Now, my question is - Which one next?! LOL  My mother is making the Norweigan cookies that we always made when I was a child. Memories of Christmas! Now, I need to find something new for this year, as I always look for new stuff.

As TAS President, I met some awesome friends. I respect and admire them! It's a shame TAS has to be in the position it is, but I still wish it the best.

Now that I'm not sidetracked with TAS, and everything is going fine, I'm going to enjoy my Christmas Holiday, and be Happy Quilting...

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