Sunday, December 1, 2013

Made It Home!

We have an awesome time with my daughter over Thanksgiving! It was a wonderful visit with my daughter, and we even got to meet her boyfriend.

We had a small table and she did a pretty good job of decorating with what she had. lol

I baked a fresh pumpkin pie and would you believe I was the ONLY one eating it? Found out my daughter and boyfriend doesn't like pies, and my hubby wanted a cherry pie instead!! So, I have a whole pie to myself!

I'd post the turkey but having trouble getting it from my phone to the computer.

On the way home, we went down by Walla Walla WA to see the windmills they have out that way. Would you believe this is all we were able to see??!

The rest of them were hidden behind a sea of fog. We ended up going through Pomeroy and Dayton. Both towns are small. Pomeroy looked like the economy affected them, while Dayton seemed to have grown since the last time I went through those towns. I wouldn't mind living there, but they are just way too far out in the "boondocks" for me.

We also had a run in with a pheasant, and I doubt the poor thing made it out alive. At least no damage to our car!

We ended up taking part of Thanksgiving and teaching Katt how to drive with a stick. It was fun and I had more fun laughing then getting worried about her getting into an accident.

After getting home, I pulled out the afghan I'm making for a friend who's due to have her baby here pretty soon. I need to get it finished. I really don't have much more to go. Then I can get back to quilting on the Hawaiian quilt and try to get it done in a good amount of time.

Lately, I'm spending more time working with The Applique Society. Being Interim President, and who knows, President, I need to get some things fixed before we can move on. We need members to come forward and help out - so I'm hoping members will get behind me and help me fix he problems we have. TAS is growing and I'm thrilled with that. I'm looking at ways to bring in the young as well as the old. We have a great organization and I hope to keep it that way. We are going to make changes, and the faster we do the better we will be.

Okay, today is another Thanksgiving day for us. We are spending it with my parents, with the turkey and all again. I love leftovers, so I'm happy.

This is my mother, quilting on her white on white quilt for my niece. So, you can see, quilting is part of all our lives.

I hope you are having a great day and Happy Quilting!

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