Monday, September 1, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Yesterday we spent the day with family. My brother and his wife came up from Las Vegas to visit with her mother. Her mother has cancer and her life clock is ticking. So, this was a way to be with her mother and family. We all had a great BBQ and played games all night. Laughter was everywhere! It was a memorable day. Patrick and I even went bowling to get into the swing of things, as bowling season begins this week.

I was able to finish the last block of Affairs of the Heart!

I don't know what it is about the "last block" in a quilt! Whatever it is, I wish it would QUIT IT. Every time I get to the last block, I end up redoing it every time! I find the block isn't going right, so I have to take it out and try again, then when it comes to the embroidery, something goes wrong and I'm redoing that too! After awhile, I tell myself, "enough is enough." That last block will NEVER be perfect! I can try, but it seems to look like that block that one says, "there is the first block she did - see how it's off compared to the rest that look great?!" Yep, that's always my last block. No wonder if too me 3 months to finish!!

I took a few minutes yesterday and started wrapping my fabrics on the boards. After about 3 of them, I said to myself, "Nope not into this...." and quit what I started. I did clean up the table a little though. I can't believe I had this table clean not that long ago and now I need to go back down there and put stuff away again! UGH

Since my sight is far-sighted, I'm finding I need to use my magnifying glass to get those small stitches with my cross stitch. There was a time (yea, I know, I'm getting OLD) that I could to this without a magnifying glass, but not anymore. Even when I have bifocals I still need magnifying glasses at times.

My cat on here is getting closer to being done. I've been getting more done with this. I want to get started on the border of the Affairs of the Heart but with my finger getting operated on this Thursday, I'm not ready to get started with that. I want to be sure I can do it, so I will wait. I've got the baskets to work on, and I have this cross stitch to work on. So, there is plenty to do, I just wish I could get myself out of my "funk" and do it. I'm on the computer and playing games more than I should.

Can't complain today though, I actually made an Apple Pie. We had so many apples off our tree that I made a pie. I can't wait to see how it turned out. I'm hoping it's good. Used an old Betty Crocker cookbook. It's one from the 1950/1960's that my mother had. I have more apples to deal with, so will try and find something good to do with the others. May make homemade apple sauce. I used to can apples, but found I didn't care for them that way. Guess I'm too picky. Yet if I could save money I will...go figure.

Life is good, working on blocks, doing cross stitch, and still Happy Quilting!

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