Monday, September 15, 2014

Stitches Out!

Today is a good day. I had my cap on my tooth done, and I had my stitches taken out of my finger. Actually, I think it was only one stitch. Not sure. Never had them before that I could see. lol

I stopped off at mom's house and my daughter-in-laws father was there talking about getting mom set up in her new quilt room. He's going to do the electricity for her. The room has been mapped out, and is ready to go. The only thing now is moving out her old cabinets, getting furniture moved and then they will do the floors. We will be getting the roll top desk and the cabinets. Not sure where I'm going to put them.

Found this photo of Harley, my daughter's cat. Couldn't help but post it since I didn't get a photo of the cross stitch I've been working on.

I got the okay to work with my finger. I was told to see what I can do, since it is still painful. Once the pain is gone, I should be good. He did say it could come back. Let's hope not. Not sure if I can bowl on Wednesday but like I told Patrick, I can always use a lighter ball.

My thimble goes on the finger that was worked on, so I'm not ready to use it yet, but I'm dying to be Happy Quilting!!

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