Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two More Days to Go! Woo Hooo

Awesome! Awesome! Two more days and the finger will be back to normal. Can't say the same for my wrist, since I decided to burn it tonight while cooking fried chicken for tomorrow. It's the right wrist, so no worries. lol

Charlie is sitting here on the edge of my chair waiting for me to finish this so she can sit on my lap.

Found this awhile back, and need to frame it. It was done by a lot of friends back about 10 years ago. Would love to find those friends again. lol We did this as a round robin through the mail.

Yesterday while at the quilt group we talked about my trip to MI. One of the things we talked about was the 4 quilt shops I went to. Only one was a quilt shop that I really enjoyed. The other three were quilt shops that were set for beginners. While we were talking, it made me thing about it. Now-a-days, I find myself bored with what I see. I know there are beginners, and I know there are very talented people out there. Why do quilt shops think they only need to have pieced patterns that we did over 30 years ago? Simple, easy, and boring. They change by color, but they are the same old patterns. I rarely see applique patterns unless I go online. If a quilt shop owner wants my business, show me some applique patterns that are hard to find, or unique. Have applique and hand quilting stuff in there shops. One would be really surprised at how many applique-rs and hand quilters that are out there. If they want my business, I want to see things the other shop doesn't have. I don't want to see 20 patterns for beginners that are 9 patch, around the world, and the others that have been around for over 50 years.

Okay, off my soapbox. I did get more done on the cross stitch last night and will do more tonight. By tomorrow you will be able to see how much I've done.

Tomorrow my parents are off to the Seattle Mariners game, so will be running over to check on their dog. Then I will be checking on my neighbor who has cancer. Her daughter is taking her husband out for a "free day" since he's been caring for her.

Sad news did come this morning. Our neighbor, Tom Pakinger, passed away on Thursday. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.

Dreaming, thinking, and waiting to be Happy Quilting!

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