Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Interesting Day...Little Quilting

Today started out early. I ended up taking our neighbor to Olympia for his eye exam. He found out today that he can not drive at night or on the freeway. He lost the sight in one eye and is loosing the sight in the other eye. He was talking about having to get a seeing eye dog, and I'm betting he will probably have to do that after all. We stopped off at Costco and then had lunch at the "Burger Claim" in Ground Mound, WA.

After getting home, I made dessert. While I was gone, my dad dropped off the drawers to the cabinets mom gave me. All the drawers are out in the garage till Patrick has the time to fix the cabinets and get them set up for me. Guess mom's been working hard and fast to get her stuff in her quilt room, even before the counters are put on.

It will be nice to have all this done. I can't wait to have my room back in order.

Patrick asked me to take all my stuff of the board so he can cut up the board and put it around the cabinets. That way my stuff will be closer. It will be interesting what he has in mind, and I find out he does an awesome job, so I don't ask. If I did, and he explained, I usually get disappointed because it's not what I envisioned. When I don't ask, I'm amazed at what he comes up with.

So, I took everything off the board and put it in the box. I'll have to decide what I'll keep and what I'll give away.

While I was downstairs, I noticed I need to get moving on this quilt as well. I haven't finished quilting this one either. At this rate, I'm going to be busy quilting into the next year! lol

I was able to get all the sashing done on the one side. I have one more block to do in the second row and it will finish off the two rows on the one side. I have 5 rows of 6, with 21 blocks done. So, it's looking up! I started block #22 this afternoon. I'll be working on it tonight. I'm hoping to get it done.

Tomorrow I have physical therapy and I'll be stopping off at moms. I don't know what she'll have for me to do, but I'm supposed to stop by. I want to get back asap so I can get working on this quilt. I'm really trying to get as much done as I can by this weekend. We will be taking it with up when we go for Thanksgiving at my brothers. Not wanting to wait till we get back to finish this. I would love to have this done by the first or second week of December.

If all goes well, this week should be a week of being Happy Quilting!

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