Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Quilting Day!

I'm beginning to wonder how many times I go to quilt meeting. It's more than I thought I would ever do! Every time I turn around, it's another quilting day with friends.

I had my blocks that I started at retreat. So, I took them along and worked on this block. It's another one of Nancy Chong patterns. I have more to do on this one, but will work on it when I can.

While I was at the quilt shop I took a photo of mom's quilt that the owner wanted to buy from mom.

Another quilt was in the way - but you get the idea. This quilt my mother made for Quilter's Junction when they were doing the BOM program a few years back. Evelyna (owner) made the patterns and mom would applique them to show at the monthly meetings. Evelyna asked me if I would check with my mother to see if she would sell it to her. I had talked to mom about her wanting to buy the top. I found out today that mom did sell the quilt to her. I was a little disappointed, because she didn't ask me if I wanted the quilt. Oh, well. I'm not lucky enough to be asked if I would like any of her tops. Those quilts are hers, and she has the right to sell or give them away. I just tell her to do what she wants. Maybe one day she will offer to give me one of her really pretty tops she doesn't want. I may get the pattern from her and make one myself.

I'm still doing the "pop-up" every 10 mins. It's actually getting to be funny! I feel like a jack-in-the-box. Every 10 mins the timer goes off and I'm popping up to straighten out my shoulders. I didn't get any exercise in today so will do that tonight. Jumping up and down makes me surprised I actually get anything done! lol

Today was a good day, not much got done, but was with good friends and company which makes me Happy Quilting.

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