Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Enjoying Quilting and Movies!

Since I had a reaction to the cigarette smoke, I pretty much took the day off from going to play cribbage.

I spent the afternoon working on the quilt. While I was quilting I enjoyed a couple old movies. It funny how quick I can quilt when I get excited and worry about someone getting shot. Then I watched a "girly flick" after that. I need to wait and see the end of that one, since Patrick showed up while I was at the end of the movie. lol - I'm enjoying the Hallmark Channel movies.

And as always, I seem to a friend that loves to be under the quilt as I'm quilting.

I was able to get one block finished and worked on 4 of the sashes. Sashings seem to go pretty quick. I'm looking forward to getting more done.

As things are going - I'm still working hard on the quilt and Happy Quilting!

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