Monday, November 3, 2014

It's called Monday

Guess what day it is?! Monday! Of all days. It rained all day. I didn't get too much sleep last night, but I did get some sleep.

Had physical therapy today. Painful day, but it did help. lol Time will tell. Trying to get another bowling ball, but hubby doesn't think my "issues" are the ball. Go figure. I'll give up bowling after this year if my average doesn't go back up. Getting tired of bowling in the 150's 160's. I believe it's the ball with a little of me.

Came home and quilted for the afternoon. Had to get up every 10 mins for my posture. I've almost got another block done. When it's done I'll go finish that half block on the other end of the quilt.

Guess who loves to sleep in my lap as I quilt. It gets a little harder at times, but I can still quilt.

I did figure out I had the "tool" on my finger upside down. I figure out how it works, and not much moving around. It's still a little uncomfortable between the fingers but I do like the way it works.

Doing great and still Happy Quilting.

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